Best mens hairstyles for beards

Best Hairstyles for Men With Beards

When you’re growing a beard, a lot of care and attention to detail is necessary to do it well. But the success of your look isn’t just about your beard; that’s only part of the puzzle. One aspect that can pull it all together is your hairstyle. The right beard with the wrong hairstyle can be problematic. Luckily, there’s no steadfast rule on which combinations work best. The best look for you depends on the way you wear your beard and your personal style. If you’re stuck on where to begin, these are the best hairstyles for beards that you should look into.


men hairstyles with beards hipster beard undercut

The Undercut

You’ve probably seen the undercut on tons of guys this year both with and without beards. It’s a hairstyle in which the sides are considerably shaved down with more extensive growth up top. There are tons of variations on the cut-the pompadour, the military, the side part, the Mohawk-the list goes on. For your beard, it’s best to go with a more traditional undercut where you’ve still got some hair on the sides. This hair blends nicely into your beard while still maintaining a clear contrast with the length of hair atop your head. It looks best with short to medium length beards that are trimmed or tapered.


Long hair with beardLong, Curly Hair or Messy Hair

If you have a lot going on with your hair, you don’t want your beard to pull attention away. You don’t want to end up looking like Cousin It from the Addams Family with more hair than face. Long, curly, tousled hair gives off an air of unpredictability and creativity. However, it looks best with a short beard or even with advanced stubble. It’s important to maintain even proportions between your beard hair and your head hair.


Hipster hairstyle with beard combover


Side-swept hair is extremely clean cut. It’s a signature red carpet look for Ryan Gosling. He’s never rocked it with more than a little stubble or a very short, well-manicured beard at best. You should follow his lead. The side-swept look is perfect for the guy who wants to keep his overall look well-groomed and polished.


shoulder length hair hipster beard

Shoulder Length

Fully grown, long beards call for hairstyles that can match their presence and length. Shoulder length hair works because it’s a different texture than your beard. Though both are long, the look works because the two hair types offer a welcome contrast. Better yet, shoulder length hair lends itself to several different styling options. Slick it back, part it on the side, do whatever you feel works best for your face.


Beard Grooming Is Still Essential

In order to pull off the best hairstyles for beards, you still need to keep your beard in the best shape possible. After all, no one will notice your great haircut if your beard is filled with dandruff flakes or looks dry and brittle. Beard oil products will help keep it soft, untangled and healthy. Additionally, using beard shampoo a few times a week will help deep condition your beard hair and further encourage healthy growth.

Beard grooming tips are just as essential as ever when you’re working towards the perfect hairstyle and beard combination. Deciding on a look and growing them out are two easy steps in the overall process. To achieve the full effect, you must stay on top of your grooming.

While the best hairstyles for beards may be dependent on your personal style, beard grooming tips are still necessary to make every part of your look work well. And whether you’re a refined guy in a 9-to-5 or a free-spirited guy walking a more creative path, there’s a hairstyle out there that works with your preferred beard.

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