Can I Use beard oil on my head hair

Can I Use Beard Oil On My Head Hair, Too?

For men with facial hair, beard oil is a necessary weapon in their grooming arsenal. It’s a multifaceted product that helps with everything from promoting healthy growth to preventing common problems and irritations. Beard oil even works as a skin moisturizer. But are there even more dimensions to beard oil for men? Can you use it on your head hair?

What’s The Difference Between Beard Hair and Head Hair?

What's the difference between beard hair and head hairBefore we dive into whether or not beard oil can be used on your head hair, let’s explore the different types of hair that we all have.

Vellus hairs are short, light-colored, fine, and barely noticeable. These hairs develop all over your body during your childhood years. Once you hit puberty, your vellus hairs develop into terminal hairs which are thick, long, and dark. The change in hair color and texture is caused by an increase in androgenic hormone levels. Therefore, the general term for adult body hair is androgenic hair.

Your beard hair is considered terminal or androgenic hair. It’s coarse, thick, and dark. Beards tend to grow in curly and flat.

The biggest differentiation between your head hair and androgenic hair is the growth cycle. Androgenic hair grows in spurts. There are periods of time where your androgenic hair can grow upwards of 3mm in a single day. Consequently, there are periods where this hair won’t grow for 3-6 months. Your head hair grows continuously.

The other main difference is that your head hair grows in softer and with more shape than your beard hair.

Can You Use Head Hair Products On Your Beard?

The short answer to this question is no. Products that are designed for your hair are a lot more abrasive and chemical heavy than anything designed for your face. The skin on your head is a lot thicker than the skin on your face. Additionally, your scalp has a lot more sebaceous glands than your face. These glands continue to produce tons of natural oils to moisturize your hair and aren’t stripped away by strong products.

If you use products formulated for head hair on your face, you’ll easily damage your skin and strip your beard of its natural oils and moisture. But the vice versa scenario works in your favor. Beard oil products can actually work wonders for your head hair.

Using Beard Oil Products On Your Head Hair

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Back in the late 1800s, most men wore their hair and beards shorter. The most popular oil used for both beard and head hair was Macassar oil, as mentioned in “The History of Beard Oil“. This oil was crafted from a mix of coconut oil, palm oil, and ylang-ylang oil. It was an incredibly thick yet effective concoction. Our modern beard oil products achieve the same effectiveness as Macassar oil but through a much lighter formulation.

Beard oil products, especially Jojoba Beard Oil can work wonders for both your beard and your hair. Unlike other oils, jojoba isn’t a triglyceride like vegetable oils. Jojoba is actually a long chain of wax ester that more closely resembles whale oil or human sebum. Sebum is naturally produced by the sebaceous glands in both your hair and beard. Because jojoba oil is incredibly similar to what our bodies already create, it works for all the types of hair that we possess. The oil soothes scalps, helps prevent dryness and dandruff, and helps retain moisture much longer.

Other types of beard oil for sale on our site can help achieve the same moisturizing effects thanks to their formulated Jojoba oil bases. Our Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil helps moisturize your beard and hair without weighing it down. Plus, there’s a light cooling sensation after application. The Diplomat Tobacco Beard Oil also achieves the same effects, but it offers a more rustic combination of mandarin, juniper, vetiver, and geranium bourbon.

We also offer products that use Argan oil for hair conditioning. This oil is ideal because it has vitamin-E rich content that conditions hair. Argan Oil serves a Key ingredient in both The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil and The Artisan Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil.

When applying beard oil to your hair, you can use less than what it takes to moisturize your beard. Because the texture of your head hair is less coarse, you’ll need less oil. Where you’d use a dime-sized amount to treat each part of your beard, you’ll need roughly half that to thoroughly moisturize your head and scalp.

In conclusion, beard oil works as so much more than the cure-all for your beard needs. It doubles as the secret weapon for your hair that’s been hiding in your bathroom all along.

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