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How to Trim Your Beard Neckline

You may not necessarily understand what a neckline is, but it’s likely you’ve seen a bad one. Let’s face facts; no one likes a neckbeard, some just don’t know any better. There’s always one guy whose beard is so severely trimmed that his jawline shows underneath his beard. It seems more like some avant garde grooming statement than a proper trim. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. You aren’t required to have a neckline but it helps to keep your beard appearance under control. With the following beard grooming tips, along with the right shave soap and moisturizing aftershave, you can take your beard to the next level while avoiding the most common pitfalls.

Always Wash Your Beard Before A Trim

Washing and drying your beard before a trim makes for an easier trimming session. Plus, your beard will look even better once you’re done. For best results, try a peppermint shave soap. It’ll give you a rich lather, deep clean, and leave your beard feeling refreshed without drying it out. If you try our The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Shave Soap It will become one of the most important products in your arsenal.

Another trade secret: use beard oil products before you shave. While it seems odd, even counterintuitive, if you wash your wash before and after a shave, shouldn’t you also use beard oil? The fact is, using beard oil before you shave will further soften the hair on the beard, providing a smoother shave. If you’re using The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Shave Soap for that cool feeling, you should pair it with its cousin, The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil.

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The Basics of Neck Shaving

You should use a three-way mirror or a secondary handheld mirror so you can see every angle of your face. Also, keep your posture straight and your chin up during your trim.

  1. First, you need to define your neckline before you make any changes. Imagine the following: you have a curved line that moves from the back of your ear lobe to the underside of your jaw. More specifically, the imaginary line should run to the point where your neck meets this underside; it’ll be close to the very top of your Adam’s apple.
  2. Once you’ve defined your neckline, imagine two more lines. These lines are vertical ones that run along the outside of your sideburns. They run down and intersect with your neckline. The intersection points on each side represent the corners of your neckline. You should round off these corners. If you square them off, your line won’t look as natural.
  3. Once you’ve rounded off the corners, shave off everything else below the neckline. If you’ve landed on the right level of your neckline, no skin on your face will be visible. You’ll have a nice, natural neckline that makes your beard look refined and well kempt.

Alternative Methods To Shaving Your Beard Neckline

There are two other methods that can help you land on a well-trimmed neckline, but they aren’t as precise as the basic method. Save these for later when you have more experience. The Double Chin method involves titling your chin downward until you literally create a double chin. The double chin line represents where your neckline should be. Also, with the Two Fingers Method, you place your middle and index fingers just above your Adam’s apple. The line just above your fingers is your neckline. But beware that every guy’s fingers are different and this may not be a foolproof trimming option.

Moisturizing Aftershave Best Aftershave for razor burn

After-Trim Care – Beard Oil & Moisturizing Aftershave

Even though a neckline trim isn’t a full shave, you still need to tend to your skin to prevent any irritation. A moisturizing aftershave like our Double Deal Post-Shave Moisturizer helps soothe any shaving irritation and rehydrates the skin.

And of course, you can’t forget about moisturizing your beard. Post-wash and post-shave, you need to make sure that your beard looks and feels soft. Beard oil products are the best way to elevate your trim. The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil moisturizes your beard hair as well as the skin underneath. As an added benefit, you’re left with a cooling sensation and smooth scent. A moisturizing aftershave combined with peppermint beard oil Is a one-two punch that’ll help prevent pesky skin problems that can take away from your fresh trim.

With these simple beard grooming tips in your knowledge arsenal, you’ll have no problem keeping your neckline maintained like a pro.

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