3 Tips To Treat Men's Oily Skin

3 Tips To Treat Men’s Oily Skin

Guys with oily skin face a host of daily challenges that are simultaneously harrowing and beneficial. Oily skin can often lead to clogged pores. As we all know, clogged pores often result in unsightly acne. Additionally, oily skin frequently has a greasy or shiny appearance. Some might refer to this as a natural glow. But those who suffer from oily skin know this slick look can feel slimy and dirty. And because of all this, male skin care often becomes an unwanted tedious exercise that leaves little room for error. However, there are ways to keep men’s oily skin under control without excessive steps or worrying. 

Men’s Oily Skin Has Its Benefits

It’s important to note that there are multiple benefits to having oily skin. It isn’t all acne and grease. The oil, or sebum, produced by your skin contains vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as an ultimate protector against environmental pollutants and free radicals. Where other guys head out into the world with their skin at risk, guys with oily skin are always protected.

Protection from free radicals means less sun damage, a slower aging process, and less wrinkles. The natural antioxidants spilling out all over your face are actually helping you look younger for a much longer period of your life. Plus, they’re lowering your skin cancer risk. Additionally, sebum helps reduce the appearance of pimples and fine lines.

Protecting Your Oily Skin

Though you might view it as something to get rid of, oily skin is actually a skin condition you need to protect. While you don’t need a million steps to stay on track, there are a few actions you need to take to keep everything under control.

Don’t Wash Too Many Times A Day

Face Scrub For MenWhen your skin gets oily, you probably feel the need to wash it. Surely, you feel this urge more than a few times in any given day. But don’t give in to the urge. Washing your face more than twice a day can strip your skin of its natural moisture and actually increase oil production to compensate. Washing once in the morning when you wake and again at night before you hit the hay is enough. The only scenario in which it’s acceptable to wash more than twice is after a workout.

It’s important to exfoliate oily skin as there’s often a layer of dead cells on top. Incorporating a face scrub for men into your skincare routine is essential. Scrubs like our Particle + Exfoliating Cleanser gently polish your skin while removing excess dirt, oil, and sweat from clogged pores. Glycolic acid for men can also work wonders for removing dead skin cells. Our Resurface Fuel 3.5 Glycolic Acid Exfoliator is a great lightweight alternative that’s especially effective for men’s oily skin.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

You might find it pointless to moisturize because your skin is already oily, but it’s an essential step for all skin types. Moisturizing helps improve the overall texture of your skin. Since you have oily skin, it’s important to use an oil-free moisturizer. Moisturizers can help reduce oil production over time which helps prevent nasty blemishes and clogged pores. O/Zero Oil Free Moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, which helps retain moisture and promote skin elasticity.

Don’t Skip Your Routine

Oily Skin Treatment For MenIt’s important that you stay consistent once you establish the key elements of your routine. If you’ve ever gone to bed without washing your face, you probably noticed how dirty your skin felt the next morning. Or even worse, you felt some new pimples on the rise. A momentary lapse in male skin care can lead to bad results in a short matter of time. For the best results, don’t let your guard down.

Men’s oily skin is a much bigger blessing than a curse. With the right skin care routine in place, you can keep it under control and use it to your advantage.

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