5 Places Men Should Travel in The Fall

We’re in the heart of fall, and soon, most of our travel plans will revolve around which family member’s home we’ll be visiting for the holidays. But if you’re looking for a fall getaway that’s a true vacation, there are tons of domestic and international options that offer crisp weather and beautiful scenery. Traveling in fall is great because most places experience mild weather. This means packing isn’t cumbersome, and days spent outside will be enjoyable. It’s the perfect time to experience new places before temps dip to subzero levels. If you’re undecided on where to visit, these five place should be at the top of your list.dreamstime_l_45048011Savannah

Savannah is a sleepy Georgia city that forgoes the big city hustle of Atlanta for a more relaxed feel. The city is filled with historic B&B’s, and the residents all subscribe to a policy of Southern hospitality. The local people are a mix of art students, ghost hunters, and preservationists. And whether you prefer traditional Southern cuisine or more contemporary cafes, Savannah has you covered. Fall is an especially great time to visit for the plethora of film and music festivals.

dreamstime_l_34713149New York City

New York City is a key tourist destination year-round, but fall is a special time for the city. Central Park’s foliage is among some of the most breathtaking scenes in the country. A stroll through the historic park is worth the trip alone. But it also doesn’t hurt to shop the exclusive boutiques of SoHo, venture to the top of One World Trade, or take in a hit musical on Broadway. Come for the foliage; stay for the best in every type of entertainment you can imagine.



Vancouver is a popular alternative for Hollywood directors who want to create the look and feel of New York at half the price. And if you travel there in fall, you’ll understand why. Fall hotel rates in the city drop to record lows, so plush accommodations won’t set you back. October is a busy month for festivals centered around local art and culture. And Stanley Park’s foliage is definitely Central Park-level amazing.



The city of lights might draw you in because of the infamous Eiffel Tower or the Musee de Louvre, but it’s definitely a little sweeter to enjoy those things when you can save money. In fall, you won’t have to endure lengthy lines at the either the tower or the Louvre. Hotel rates are considerably cheaper and dining at local cafes is a much more enjoyable affair. Paris is great year-round, but if you want to enjoy it at your own speed and avoid the crowds, fall is the best time to go.


Yellowstone National Park

Like Paris, Yellowstone is much quieter during the fall. But unlike Paris, this trip is all about taking in nature. The park’s transition to fall is one of the most beautiful, naturally occurring nature scenes in America. The only downside is that less park revelers means less amenities, so be sure to pack your bags and tent full of supplies. The park consists of more than 3,000 square miles of geysers, waterfalls, canyons, and mountains. For the pure outdoor enthusiast, this is a fall excursion that should top your travel list.



If you’re looking for a big city weekend but New York City or Paris just aren’t doable, Chicago is a nice alternative. The flights and hotels are cheap during fall, and there’s just as much culture. You might even catch the Chicago Marathon.

Whether you intend to travel at home or abroad, there are must-see fall destinations all over the world.