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5 Post-Workout Skin Care Tips For The Gym

If you’re like most guys, you follow up a great workout session with some foam rolling and a protein shake. One step you might be overlooking, however, is your skincare routine. When you work out, sweat empties the toxins out of your body. If you don’t take care of your skin afterwards, those same toxins can wreak havoc on your face. After a great sweat session, you’re left with clogged pores. Without a great post – workout skin care routine in place, you can end up with acne as well as excessively oily skin. The good news is that a few simple steps can serve as the ultimate cool down and recovery for your skin.


Before You Workout

Contrary to popular belief, great skincare starts before you step foot in the gym. Regardless of your level of athleticism, workouts increase the presence of dead skin cells on your face. Using an exfoliating face scrub like Particle + Exfoliating Cleanser just before your workout helps remove any dirt, debris, and harmful buildup that’s gathered on your face during the day or during your slumber. A strong face scrub for men can get the job done quickly and efficiently. When you’re done, splash some cold water on your face to close your pores and block out the sweat, as we’ve discussed.


During Your Workout

These workout skin care tips don’t exclusively focus on pre and post gym time. When you’re lifting weights, you’re touching grimy bars and fitness floors that contain dirt and bacteria. It’s important to avoid touching your face. Instead, use a clean towel to wipe away the perspiration. Most gyms provide them. If yours doesn’t, throw one in your gym bag beforehand.


Cleanse Your Skin Immediately After Your Workout

It’s no secret that our gym bags can get cumbersome, weighed down by personal care products and a change of clothes. You might opt to leave some things at home to lighten your load. But don’t leave out face wash for men. It’s important that you cleanse your face immediately after your workout. You’ll be sure to remove any dirt and sweat from your fitness activities. If you skip the face wash step of your workout skin care routine, you run the risk of breakouts and dull skin. If you think it’s a good idea to use the gym’s face wash for men, think again. Commercial products are harmful on the skin and strip it of moisture, making luxury products like Preface Men’s Facial Cleanser a real investment.

Oil free natural moisturizer gym skin care

Rehydrate Your Skin

You’ve exfoliated your skin before your workout. Then, you’ve cleansed once again after. It’s crucial that you rehydrate your face with an oil-free moisturizer for men. When you exfoliate and cleanse, you wash natural oils from your skin. It’s important to replace them and arm your face against the natural challenges of the day ahead like free radicals and sun exposure. Choose O/Zero Oil-Free Moisturizer for men that incorporates hyaluronic acid. This is an acid that occurs naturally in the skin. It’s absorbed quickly, stimulates elasticity of the skin, and doesn’t leave your face feeling weighed down and greasy.

Gym Beard Care Tips

Touch Up Your Beard

Underneath your beard, there’s skin that’s more easily stripped of moisture. The sebaceous glands down there already have the tough job of keeping your face and beard hair moisturized. After a tough workout and multiple face washes, it’s important to make sure you rejuvenate your beard and this area of your skin with beard oil products. The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil contains Argan oil and effectively conditions, moisturizes, shines, and softens your beard. Additionally, a lighter load of this load of this aromatic eucalyptus beard oil can be used on your head hair. It’s the perfect way to avoid frizz, itching, and flaking. Plus, it’ll leave your beard  and mane with a natural shine that doesn’t weigh down your hair.

When your workout is over, nutrition and muscle recovery are definitely essential. But you need an arsenal of skincare products on your side to ensure your skin bounces back. Your muscles might feel beat up, but your skin doesn’t have to look defeated, if you follow these workout skin care tips.

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