Achieving The Perfect Beard Is About Simple Tapering And The Right Beard Oil Products

Making the decision to grow a beard is a big one. For a guy who’s lived most of his life clean shaven, a full grown beard represents a huge aesthetic change. With that change, there comes a new set of care instructions to follow. Luckily, with beard oil products in tow and a few simple tips to keep everything fresh, taking care of your beard can be just as carefree as growing it.

Once your beard has grown to a length that you’re satisfied with, you need to make sure it looks good. If you’re the kind of guy who likes his beard to grow wild, by all means, suit yourself. Odds are, though, you want to keep your new facial hair well-kempt. In order to do this, you need to taper or fade your beard. You can always opt for a barber to handle this duty; or you can also handle it on your own.

A Quick Beard Tapering Tutorial

Beard TaperingFirst, you need to make sure your beard is the same length all over. For example, if you want your beard to be three inches, you need to use shears or a beard trimmer to make sure your entire beard measures three inches long.

Next, identify the spot that’s half an inch to an inch above the spot where your beard will be the longest. If you’re not exactly sure where the magic spot is, most guys want the area around their jaw line to be the longest. You can choose a spot above this point.

Then, above the chosen point, go over your beard with your trimmer set to a lower setting. You’ll keep repeating this process until you’ve reached the shortest area of your beard. As you continue moving up your beard, you’ll want to ensure you keep choosing a spot that’s one half to a whole inch above the previous starting point.

Moisturizing With Beard Oil Products For Men

Beard Oil For MenAs important as it is to keep your beard trimmed and tapered, keeping it moisturized is also a key factor. Beard oil for men accomplishes a few different goals. The blend of carrier and essential oils adds that last touch that makes your beard look amazing.

For starters, beard oil products can help you avoid common beard and skin issues like beard dandruff and that pesky beard itch. Additionally, beard oil can moisturize the skin beneath your beard and soften the overall texture.

Peppermint Beard Oil, like our The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil, has a vitamin E-rich base that moisturizes your skin and helps reduce the signs of aging. The oil also conditions the beard and repairs any damaged hair. If you have any tangled knots, the oil can help undo those as well. The nurturing benefits of the Peppermint Beard Oil can also be felt in our The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Shave Soap. This soap is ideal for soothing the face and thoroughly cleaning the beard hair through a rich lather.

If you’re looking for these effects but with a zesty scent, The Composer Eucalyptus Beard Oil can help achieve this. Our Eucalyptus Beard Oil has a base made of grape seed, sweet almond, and Argan oil. This combination, also infused with light touches of lavender and lemon, lies over a subtle base of cedar. You can achieve an ideal beard shine with a scent that complements you but doesn’t overpower.

Our Cedar Beard Oil, The Artisan, also provides the same anti-aging benefits and healthy shine. But the included cedar wood and geranium also serve as powerful mental stimulants. All of the beard oil products just need to be warmed by rubbing them between your fingers and applying in small, dime-sized amounts.

Caring for your beard doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With some simple occasional tapering and the delightful, necessary effects of beard oil products, you can achieve the perfect beard in a just a few simple steps.

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