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Law of Attraction: Beards Can Give You a Better Jawline

We’ve learned that women find dudes with beards more desirable because they seem more masculine-more capable of providing physical security and emotional support. But what about actual physical attraction? Not just an implied sense of safety but an enhancement of your physical attributes. When you grow a beard, it can help define your jawline, which can work wonders for your overall look-not just for her but for you, too.

Queensland University in Australia conducted a study of the types of beard and jaw line combinations that women found attractive. Of those results, it was determined that men with small jaws and beards were found most attractive compared to guys with small jaws and clean shaven faces. For guys with pre-existing strong jaws, the beard didn’t exactly up the ante in the attraction department.

Aside from this research, you might wonder, ‘what’s the big deal about having a strong jawline?’ Well, based on research published in the Nature Communications journal, strong jawlines are more closely associated with masculinity. And men with more masculine features tend to have higher levels of testosterone and stronger immune systems. So basically, if you have a strong jawline, it means you’re more masculine, more capable of protecting a potential partner, and you’ll be around longer to do so.

Likely, there isn’t any guy out there who doesn’t want to appear masculine, healthy, and most important of all, attractive. For guys whose gene pools have shortchanged them on masculine features, a nice, well-groomed beard is a natural way to add some masculine edge to your face. But be forewarned, it’s not as simple as just growing the beard. Beard care is of the utmost importance, as well.

Beard Care: How Beards Improve Your Jawline

Beard Care Tips for a Strong Jawline

Ladies like beards, this is true. But they don’t like dirty beards clogged with bits of food and bacteria. They also don’t like patchiness or dry, scraggly beards that scratch their faces. In order to stay in prime attractive territory, you need some key beard oil products to ensure you’re growing the best beard possible.

Beard oil products offer a ton of benefits that could take up an entire article on their own, but this is the basic rundown. Your clean-shaven face is home to several sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, your skin’s natural oil. When you start growing a beard, those same glands are responsible for moisturizing both your face and beard hair. There’s just one problem-they haven’t grown in size. So expecting them to keep your face and hair full of moisture is a tall order. That’s where beard oil comes in.

It keeps your beard hair moisturized and soft as well as the skin below. Additionally, it helps prevent pesky issues like beard dandruff, itchiness, and irritation. Plus, it aids in healthy growth and easy styling to cover up those patches.

Peppermint beard oil is a great alternative because it hits all the above points while also creating a refreshing cooling sensation. Inspired by The Elixir of Life, our peppermint beard oil is a special formula of pure jojoba and sweet almond oil that also reduces the signs of aging. Eucalyptus beard oil offers a more outdoorsy and rustic scent thanks to a blend of grape seed, sweet almond, and argan oils.

Other beard grooming products to consider investing in are a beard brush for the early growth stages, a beard comb for the latter periods, and a beard shampoo for a thorough, deep cleanse every other day.

Without putting these beard care tips to use, no one will be looking at your jawline if they’re distracted by flakes and dryness. Accentuate your attractiveness with a well kempt beard that not only shows off your masculinity but proves that you’re a good partner.

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