Preventing a Damaged Beard With Beard Oil Products

How to Repair A Sun Damaged Beard

It may seem impossible to believe, but facial hair can become damaged. Hair damage occurs when one does not maintain their hair as much as they should. This includes a damaged beard. Although it may seem that because your hair is growing on another place other than your head then maintenance isn’t necessary.  Beard care and the right beard oil products are essential when it comes to growing healthy facial hair. 

How exactly do you get a damaged beard? How can you fix it? Can it be prevented? Thankfully, Gentleman’s Foundry is here to answer all of these questions.

A Beard Trim is The First Step To A Healthy Beard

One of the main reasons why hair damage occurs is because people forget to trim their beard. It is important that you get a beard trim once every 4 – 6 weeks to get rid of the split ends and dead hair that you may have. They usually occur due to constant heat, especially during the summer time. Once these split ends are cut off, your beard has a stronger ability to absorb nutrients that are necessary for healthy facial hair. Although you may have to deal with a temporary shortened length, it is much better than having an unhealthy beard. If you are unable to trim your own beard safely, then it is important that you make an appointment with your local barber. They are sure to help you maintain it perfectly.

Beard Conditioner Helps Your Sun Damaged Beard

Conditioning your beard is necessary when it comes to preventing beard damage. Not only does it soften it, but also helps to provide the essential nutrients your facial hair needs to stay healthy.

To condition your beard, you can use beard conditioner or coconut oil. You don’t have to condition your beard every day, but it is recommended that you do so every 2 – 3 weeks. It is important that you massage the conditioner or coconut oil into your facial skin as well as your facial hair. Once you’ve let it sit for a few minutes, you rinse it off and your beard will feel good as new.

Beard Oil Products Are The Key To Beard Repair

Beard oil products are essential when it comes to maintaining a healthy beard, especially given that it prevents hair damage. Our products are made with natural oils that provide many health benefits and nutrients.

Gentleman’s Foundry beard oils are guaranteed to keep your beard hydrated and softened, as well providing a refreshing scent. Our most popular beard oil products like The Alchemist: Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil (moisturizes your beard, promotes growth and provides a light cooling feel) and The Composer: Lavender & Eucalyptus Beard Oil (moisturizes the beard and provides a beautiful shine). They will certainly keep your facial hair tamed and refreshed.

A Warm Water Beard Wash is the way to go

When washing your beard, it is recommended that you use warm water. The warmth of the water helps to nourish your facial hair as well as prevent hair damage. If you are uncomfortable with using warm water directly, then you can always use a towel soaked in it.

It is also important that you use the right beard soap for your beard.

A damaged beard can be prevented by following these steps. Beard trims are important when getting rid of already damaged hair. Using proper beard oil products such as beard conditioner, beard oil, and beard soap are guaranteed to help stop split ends and fizzled hair. Make sure to take care of your beard during this summer heat! A healthy beard makes a happy man.

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