Study Shows Men with Beards Make Better Boyfriends

Study Shows Men with Beards Make Better Partners

A beard can enhance your life in a multitude of ways. It can make you look wiser, tougher and cooler than you already are. It can even serve as the aesthetic bridge between boyhood and adulthood. But even better, your beard can make you a great partner. According to recent “beard science” studies conducted by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, men with beards are better boyfriends. You probably already knew that. Now there’s scientific proof.

The study, conducted by Barnaby Dixson, is titled “The Masculinity Paradox: Facial Masculinity and Beardedness Interact to Determine Women’s Ratings of Men’s Facial Attractiveness”. The overarching theme of this deep dive into beard science is that “beardedness may be attractiveness when judging long-term relationships as a signal of intrasexual formidability and the potential to provide direct benefits to females.”

In other words, guys with beards are the ideal partners because of their beards.

Beard Science Favors Men with Beards

Contributing to this research were 8,520 women spanning from ages 18 to 100. They were each asked to rate photos of men’s faces, indicating their level of physical attractiveness and the probability of relationship longevity. Every single woman in the study favored men with some amount of facial hair.

While there was a range of difference in the type of facial hair these women preferred (light stubble, heavy stubble or full beard), there was a clear preference. Men with beards were perceived as more masculine. They gave the impression that they could protect their partner and provide for her. They seemed more interested in and capable of long-term unions.

Their beards served as a sign of commitment. And truly, growing a beard is an exercise in dedication. Beard grooming is far more involved than most women probably know. From investing in beard oil products to trimming and daily maintenance, growing a beard isn’t a passive experience. It’s fully involved and requires attention and care. Women know this to some degree and assume that bearded men will give their relationship the same level of attention.

As for clean shaven men, their lack of facial hair feminizes them in the eyes of women. It also makes them seem less serious. They’re perfectly suited for one-night stands but they aren’t boyfriend material. Even some light stubble can change your odds in the dating world.

Women Like Beards - Beard ScienceBeard Grooming Tips for Love

So, beard science has proven that men with beards are better boyfriends. You obviously want to be included in this group and viewed as a capable partner. However, you’ll need to observe a few beard grooming tips in your quest to find the perfect girl.

Beard oil products will be your best friends. A dime-sized amount of beard oil each morning will keep your whiskers soft, untangled and healthy. Plus, they’ll keep your skin underneath adequately moisturized. This is great for her when you’re up close and personal, especially with a clean, refreshing scent, like the combination of tea tree & peppermint beard oil. And from far away, beard oil gives your beard a nice sheen. It shows that you take your beard grooming seriously and you’ll take your relationship seriously, too.

As your beard continues to grow, you’ll need to invest in a few products to encourage healthy growth. A beard comb will help you evenly apply product and knock out pesky knots. And beard shampoo will provide a specially formulated deep clean every other day.

Growing a beard isn’t the only requirement for attracting the ideal partner. You need to ensure it’s well-kempt and ready for canoodling. The study didn’t discuss beard cleanliness, but trust us on this one. For best results, your beard needs to be in the best shape possible. You’re already the better boyfriend. Now, you need the best beard.

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