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The Mustache Is the New Sign of A Midlife Crisis

For decades, men have dealt with midlife crises in expensive ways. They’ve bought Ferraris, commissioned polarizing tattoos, cheated on their wives with young mistresses and quit their jobs without a game plan. The costs have been literal and figurative.While the midlife crisis isn’t necessarily enjoyable, the good news is there’s a way to endure it without leaving a lasting impact on your wallet, your biceps, or your future. Say hello to the midlife mustache (among other beard styles).

The reasons men experience midlife crises can vary greatly. Psychology Today reasons that men are somewhat threatened by their wives. A woman’s worth seems to expand exponentially over time while the man feels his value decreases. His crisis is a response to fading away—an attempt to find meaning and prove that he’s still needed.

For others, crossing the threshold into their 40s can be frightening. It triggers a multitude of insecurities. Have you fulfilled your life’s purpose? Are you on the right path? Maybe when the kids leave home or a long-term relationship dissolves, it triggers a need for reinvention.

Of All The Beard Styles, Why Are Men Growing Mustaches in Midlife?

When a midlife crisis strikes, what men are ultimately seeking is a noticeable change. They want to feel different, and they want everyone else to see it, too. What better way to do this than with a mustache?

It doesn’t take much effort to grow. You can get started by simply skipping your morning shave. Additionally, it’s only as permanent as you make it. You can shave it off and grow it again as you please. That tribal tattoo, however, is a different story.

The mustache turns into an art form as it grows in. You have the freedom to style it in unique ways and learn all the details of caring for a winning mustache. You’ll be following in the tradition of famous mustachioed men like Charlie Chaplin and Tom Selleck. You can even compete in the World Beard and Moustache Championships, if you want to get that involved. This can be as relaxed or as intense as you want it to be.

Think twice before you reach for those Ferrari keys or the tattoo needle. Instead, get acquainted with some beard products.

Midlife Crisis handlebar Mustache

How to Care For A Mustache

Beard care isn’t just for beards; it’s for mustaches too. Like all other beard styles, your mustache can be plagued with irritation, dandruff flakes and dry, tangled hair if you don’t care for it properly. Luckily, a few simple beard grooming tips can help you get the job done without much fuss.

Beard oil products will be your best friend. Though there isn’t a lot of skin under there, it still needs to be moisturized. Beard oil takes care of this while encouraging healthy mustache growth. It’s also crucial for styling and keeping your hair soft. Not to mention, it gives your ‘stache a nice, quality sheen.

Also, just as there are several beard styles, mustaches come in all shapes and sizes. The one you choose is up to you, as the rules aren’t rigid. There’s the handlebar, the Gotham rounded, the American typewriter, the engineers hat and the copperplate. And those are just a few of dozens of options. You can go as extreme as you want with these styles. Your mustache becomes your centerpiece—the ultimate talking point.

You can choose if you want to maintain stubble, a full beard or a clean-shaven face with your mustache. Whatever beard styles you decide, just heed the beard grooming tips so you always look your best.

Dealing with a midlife crisis doesn’t have to be costly or reckless. A mustache can drastically change your appearance and fulfill your need for reinvention without any regrettable decisions.

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