Beard Trends – What You need to Know about beard transplants

What’s With Beard Transplants?

As you may know, not all men are blessed with the ability to grow facial hair as they please. Many men have a difficult time growing facial hair. This can prevent them from ever having a beard, leading them to remain clean-shaven for all their lives. Some men are not okay with that, however, which has seen the rise of the latest beard trends. That’s right, Gentleman’s Foundry is about to take on beard transplants.

How The Latest of Beard Trends Works

Essentially, a certain section of hair follicles, whether at the top of the head or legs, are taken from a donor and transferred to the preferred section of your face. This harvest on the face then leads the hair to continue growing, just like a regular follicle. Usually, 4,000 – 7,000 hair follicles are harvested for the transplant, to help create a full-grown beard.

Why You’d Consider Beard Transplants

If you have trouble growing out a beard, then you are probably the perfect candidate for a beard transplant. The procedure itself is not painful at all. They also don’t require a long recovery time. Aside from the fact that you’d be able to grow a beard, your face will remain largely unchanged. Lastly, the transplant will only take 5 hours, meaning that you will grow a full face beard in no time. Do you really feel like you’re missing out on much by having a beard, though?

While all this is true, it’s a bit ridiculous to assume that your beard will make or break you. Many great men throughout history have had a complete inability to grow a beard, or even wore a weak, patchy one like Abraham Lincoln. Beard transplants are in no way necessary, but if it’s something you feel the need to do, and you have the disposable income, there are very little arguments against it as an elective surgery.
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