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What Beard Products Are Right For Me?

Folks, it’s 2019, if you spend enough time online, you’ll learn about 100 brand new products every 15 seconds. Heck, by the time you finish reading this sentence, you’ll have a targeted ad for beard glitter on your Instagram. You live in the age of hyper-capitalism. The line between your wants and needs has blurred to such a degree that even something as natural as growing a beard makes you a target for a battery of tailored ads beamed directly into your eyeballs via your phone. So let’s get down to it – what are the best beard products to invest in if you’re growing? We’re not talking about the latest Bluetooth enabled beard curlers with Google capabilities; this isn’t a trendy listicle, we’re talking the bare essentials.

Best Beard Products For Washing

Not to sound like a broken record, but if you’re washing your beard with the same shampoo you use on your head, knock it off! The ultimate goal of hair shampoo is removing your skin’s natural oil from your hair, but your beard needs that to survive. If you take away one thing from this article, let it be this, YES, YOU NEED BEARD SHAMPOO.

It’s simply a matter of form, not function, at this point. Do you want a squeeze bottle or pump, how about a balm-based wash in a tin, or are you a fan of the shampoo soap bar? We think that you know our preference.

Best Beard Conditioners

You have a myriad of options here. A creamy leave-in conditioner, beard balm/butter, beard oil, etc… Simply put, of all the options, beard oil is essential. Your face will start to itch and flake at a point where you just don’t have enough hair for products with a thicker base. Instead of feeling clean and well-conditioned, a short beard will feel weighed-down by butters, balms, and cream conditioners.

However, if you are a veteran of the beard game, variety doesn’t hurt one bit. Feel free to mix and match, if that’s the case, you might find the right combination for peak luxury moisture levels.

Best Styling Tools

This is where things get personal(ized). You know what they say “a man is only as good as his tools” and there is no shortage of options on this front.

Trimming: You can’t go wrong with a good pair of scissors, especially at longer lengths,  they will be your best friend and integral part of your beard grooming routine. But… the when is just as important as the why here. When in the early stages of growth, you’ll find scissors quite useless. Straight razors are great for lining up your facial hair, but unless you’re a skilled barber, we wouldn’t recommend trimming with them. Thus, the common “back to basics” theme continues. You’ll find that an electric trimmer is one of the best beard products because it can be used through every stage of growth. Lining, trimming, managing sideburns – they do it all.

Comb: We’ve touched on this topic before, and it seems even more complicated now with the advent of the heated beard comb (we’ll call it what it is a beard straightener).  There is a lot fo cool tech out there, but it won’t be accessible to everyone.  You’ll always have use for a beard comb or brush, though, end of the story. Your best bet is a wooden beard comb – less breakage, no static, easy to clean, and a smooth combing experience at any length.

These are the things every man will need at some point in their facial hair journey. Now go forth and be bearded!

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