Best Celebrity Facial Hair Movember 2016

Best Celebrity Facial Hair of Movember 2016

Movember is winding down, gents. Surely, some of the beards in your timeline are getting impressively full and long. Hopefully, yours is on track to join the ranks of beard greatness. But another fun aspect of No Shave November is seeing all the celebrity men who join in on the celebration. On one hand, it’s incredible to see these guys using their wide-reaching platforms to raise awareness about men’s health. On the other, it’s just pure fun to see these guys transform before our very eyes. If you haven’t clicked over to these guys’ social media channels, you’re missing out on some serious facial hair achievements.

The Incredible “Traveling Mustache”

Known to his Instagram followers as @whereisjosiah, the Traveling Mustache has made a name for himself in the National Beard and Moustache Championships. This Movember, he’s let his ‘stache get especially thick. With distinct handlebars, he nails the Victorian facial hair vibe with ease. And he also uses his platform to discuss his own struggles with mental illness. It’s the true definition of what Movember is all about.


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That New James Franco Mustache

His Instagram doesn’t necessarily declare that he’s taking part in No Shave November, but there’s definitely a mustache growing in. Over the course of the last couple weeks, James Franco’s Instagram account has been accented with pictures of him sporting a mighty ‘stache. Even on Election Day, he posted a pic with some stellar facial hair. You might venture over to his account to be entertained. But you’ll leave wowed by the facial hair on full display.


Al is in #StatenIsland with @TonyDanza for the final day of #TodaysTurkeyTrot! #TODAYShow

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The Today Show Guys

Some of the most visible supporters of Movember are the hosts over at NBC’s Today Show. Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Willie Geist and Carson Daly have taken part in the tradition faithfully for the last few years. The great thing about their participation is the constant conversation that takes placearound men’s health all month long. They’ve even gone as far as getting testicular exams live on-air. This year, Daly kicked things off with a spotlight on The Movember Foundation and its purpose. And of course, he was already sporting some serious stubble on day one. Only time will tell how the guys fare between now and the end of the month. But one thing’s forsure-it’ll be a blast to watch.


The Movember Founder – Mark Hedstrom

What would Movember be if the guys behind it didn’t join in for the great cause? Movember USA head Mark Hedstrom has been making the rounds to spread the word all month. But theother way he’s helped keep people informed is with his own fantastic moustache. His fully grown ‘stache caught our attention on Nov. 1 when he worked his way through the talk show circuit. Surely, by now he’s added to it with an incredible beard. He’s keeping us all updated on this and more news about Movember on Twitter (@mtothehca).


When celebrities and high-profile men get involved with a great cause like Movember, they help save lives and generate conversation about topics that don’t make headlines. As the annual tradition continues, here’s hoping even more celeb guys take a month off from the razor.