best mens acne scar treatments

The Best Men’s Acne Scar Treatments

Though teenagers are more prone to frequent breakouts, acne is still very much an adult problem. The Telegraph reports a 200% rise in the number of adults seeking treatment for acne. These patients are concerned not only with the pimples themselves but the scarring they leave behind. Acne scars are caused by inflamed blemishes that are filled with dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil. And they can do a number on your self-confidence. Luckily, the best men’s acne scar treatments on the market can help you reduce, or eliminate, their appearance.

Vitamin C Cream

For years, ointments like Mederma and ScarAway have been the go-to choice for scars big and small. But in recent years, DIY enthusiasts have started using Vitamin C to clear scarring on various parts of their bodies. Thus, Vitamin C cream has become a popular alternative. Specifically, Vitamin C reduces inflammation in the scar tissue, boosts collagen production, and lightens the hyperpigmentation. As a bonus, our Vitamin C cream will leave your skin looking smoother and younger, thanks to a powerful combination of natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid and orange plant stem cells.

AHA Acid for Men

The facial peel for men, also known as AHA acid for men, might sound intense but it’s one of the most effective men’s acne scar treatments out there. AHA is short for alpha hydroxy acid, a natural acid typically found in food (i.e. citric acid, glycolic acid, etc.). Alpha Hydroxy Acid works on the surface of your skin by essentially breaking the bonds that keep dead skin in place. After breaking those bonds, it starts shedding the dead skin, revealing clearer, vibrant skin underneath. Repeated use can significantly reduce, and even erase, the appearance of acne scars.


Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure in which an esthetician uses a wand to gently pelt your skin with micro-crystals or a diamond tip. It works to remove dead skin cells, which can lessen the appearance of scar tissue and hyperpigmentation. However, the process is a bit costly and takes at least a few sessions to produce noticeable results. A Microdermabrasion cream is a more affordable method that works just as well. Made from natural, hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, red tea extract, and apricot kernel oil, our microdermabrasion cream nourishes and soothes your skin while diminishing acne marks.


In addition to specialty treatments like vitamin C cream, facial peels, and microdermabrasion cream, a regular exfoliation routine can work wonders to maintain your great results and keep your skin healthy over time. Exfoliation enhances your skin’s natural regeneration process by gently removing dead skin cells. Adhere to the following exfoliation tips for men:

  • Exfoliate no more than 2-3 times per week: Over-exfoliating can cause inflammation, irritation, and excessive stimulation of your sebum glands, leaving your skin greasy and your pores clogged. Pay attention to your skin’s reaction and adjust your frequency accordingly.
  • A washcloth works just fine: You’ll find battery-operated brushes and exfoliating gloves on the market, but these tools aren’t necessary.
  • Be gentle: Your exfoliation scrub is designed to remove dead skin cells with light pressure. There’s no need to scrub hard, and you shouldn’t spend more than 30 seconds on each section of your skin.
  • Exfoliate in the morning: Your skin goes through an extensive repair process overnight. A morning exfoliation session ensures you’re removing dead skin cells and not just dirt or grime that accumulated throughout the day.
Acne scars can chip away at your confidence and ruin your complexion. But they’re not permanent. With these men’s acne scar treatments and options, you can get rid of them and reclaim your great skin.

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