Cedar floral beard oil

It’s Floral Beard Oil Season

Labor Day has come and gone and fall is almost here. It’s time to match your beard oil’s scent to the season with The Theorist Cedar & Floral Beard Oil. Perfect for the autumn air, the combination of Cedar Wood and Geranium share the spotlight in this unique blend over a Tea Tree base note yields a rugged woodland scent with a light floral touch.

Additionally,  the vitamin E-rich base has anti-aging properties and gives your beard a healthy shine while protecting against itching associated with a dry beard. The combination of Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil conditions your beard and repairs the damaged hair. This conditioning makes untangling knots in your beard easier. All the while, it helps to slow hair loss and stimulates your follicles to promote growth.

Floral Beard Oil Evokes A Sense of Bloom

While leaves brown, the floral scent of The Theorist brings a sense of life to your facial hair while its rugged cedar blend matches the fall mood. So the question is, what else could you possibly want in your beard this autumn?

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