C-Strand, Not Getting Vitamin C From A Glass & The Morning Groove

Sometimes you just need to wake up and go about your day; time isn’t much of a luxury. For that reason, we’ve brought you C-Strand: Citrus Stem Cell Cream, an vitamin C-rich anti wrinkle cream for men. While some prefer their daily dose of vitamin C in a cool, tall glass, studies have shown that absorption of vitamin C through the epidermis can boost collagen synthesis, protect against UV damage (warning: not a sunscreen), & reduce wrinkles.

A Vitamin C Anti Wrinkle Cream For Men That Won’t Shake Up Your Morning Groove

Morning Anti Wrinkle Cream For MenWake up, wash your face, repeat, repeat, repeat. That’s usually the bare minimum some men do in the morning, especially those under time constraints. I know, because I was once one of them. C-Strand does a lot for me, and it only adds, maybe, 15 seconds to my morning routine. After a quick wash of the face, I rub some C-Strand in for a light-feeling, heavy dose of vitamin C for my skin. Truth be told, days where I skip C-strand, the difference in feeling is noticeable. I’ve definitely noticed the difference in my complexion, especially in the stress-related fine lines on my forehead, which seem comparatively less cavernous than they once did.

The fact that I don’t have to sit around and wash anything off my face, having already done so, is a big positive for me. My mornings are high-energy once I take down my first mug of coffee. In fact, I set up my coffee maker the night prior, so all I have to do is wake up, press a button, and go. As a result of my  busy days, I’m not often given the chance to even have a real breakfast, much less spend another 10-20 minutes on my face, so the dose of Vitamin C I get from C-Strand benefits my skin while not disrupting my groove.

–  Mr. J.C.D.