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Why is My Beard Curly and How Can I Take Care of it?

For those who have curly beards, you must know that taming it can be really difficult and annoying. Many of you are probably asking yourself, why do I have a curly beard? Why couldn’t it be straight? Gentleman’s Foundry is sure to help you find the answers with these curly beard tips.

Why is My Beard Curly?

Your beard may be curly because of the variations in shape of your hair follicles. Some follicles may be straight, and others may have follicles that grow at an acute angle. Everyone has every different type of hair follicle growth on their bodies, that’s why some people may have curly hair and a straight beard and vice versa.

Your hair follicles may not be the only reason why you have a curly beard. It can also be the shape of your actual hair. Throughout each culture, people are born with different hair shapes. For example, Asian people usually have straight hair because they are born with rounded straight hair. African-descendend people are typically born with flat oval shaped hair, causing them to have extremely curly hair.

The shape of your hair and hair follicles take a big part in determining why you have a curly beard. If you are someone who doesn’t like curly hair, you can find temporary ways to straighten it. Unfortunately, there is no way for you to permanently straighten your hair. If you are looking for ways to straighten it, then make sure to check out our blog post, How Do I Naturally Straighten My Beard? If you are a man who is looking for ways to tame his curly beard, we can definitely help you there.

How Can I Tame My Curly Beard?

One of the best things about having curly hair is having a voluminous beard. In order to do so, you must properly tame it. If you leave it alone, most of the time, your hair is going to look like it’s everywhere. Each hair is likely to grow in different directions, so an untamed curly beard will look bushy and messy.

One of the first ways you can tame your beard is by softening it. You can do so with multiple products, such as beard shampoo, beard conditioner, and most importantly, beard oil. Our beard oil, The Alchemist: Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil, is sure to do just the trick. It will even provide you with a compelling scent that will certainly make you feel nice and refreshed.

The second way to tame our beard is to comb it while it’s wet. As you comb your bed while it’s wet, it can help to condition your hair to straighten over time. Although this may seem like an easy task, you must have the proper comb for it. Plastics combs are guaranteed to rip your beard hair, that is why it is best that you use a wide tooth comb. Our cherrywood comb, offered in each of our gift sets, is sure to help you do the job. Before using it, make sure to add just a few drops of beard oil to your beard. This guarantees softness to your curly hair.

The final way to tame your beard is by training your beard to grow in the same direction. In order to do this, you must own a boar bristle brush. This brush is guaranteed to untangle knots and loosen your beard curls. It also guarantees that it will reach every part of your hair, including the deepest of parts. Most importantly it will help to spread out your natural oils throughout your beard, preventing split ends.

It is crucial that you follow each of these steps to tame your curly beard. Not doing so will definitely leave your beard looking messy and wild. Along with these important steps, you should also make sure to go to the barber when necessary to trim and shape up your beard. This will fix any split ends you may have and can actually help to grow your beard longer.

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