Why Do I Need to Exfoliate My Skin?

Why Do I Need to Exfoliate My Skin?

Most guys like to take a primal approach to skincare. Bar soap and water tend to get the job done. You probably think that anything more involved is excessive; feminine even. But just look at the guys who came before us. Time and age aren’t kind to men who neglect their skin. You might wonder if you need to exfoliate your skin. It seems like a huge extra step—more than any moisturizer, cleanser or serum. The answer is yes. Exfoliation should be a necessary part of every guy’s routine. Don’t even think about leaving it out. Your skin will thank you later.

You NEED to Exfoliate Your Face

The main goal of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells. Your skin does have its own natural cell removal process. The new ones make their way to the surface every 28 days or so. But sometimes they stick around longer or they clog your pores before they fall off. This leads to acne, dry skin, redness, irritation and even a dull appearance. Exfoliating your skin can slough off those dead skin cells and keep you acne-free. It also helps you maintain a clear, even complexion.

At least once a week, you need to exfoliate – you should cleanse with a men’s face scrub. If you have especially tough skin or spend a lot of time getting active, twice a week is best. Use an exfoliating face scrub is gentle enough to keep your skin hydrated during cleansing without any scratching or damaging. But it’s also strong enough to smooth out the surface of your skin and get rid of those pesky dead cells.

Crop_shutterstock_245141419Lather Up with Force

Your face isn’t the only area that you need to exfoliate. Dead skin cells can get backed up on your body, too. They may not necessarily lead to the same level of irritation as your face, but the dead cell buildup can make your skin look rough. It’s important to get in there with a great body soap that restores the youthfulness and vibrancy of your skin all over.

Unfortunately, tough guys tend to get carried away. They start scrubbing and beating up their bodies with pumice stones and aggressive scrubbers. For some guys, this might be okay. But for most, these tools tend to be rough on your skin. Instead of renewing your skin, they leave it dried out, stretched out and chafed—the exact opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Instead of relying on harmful tools and brushes, try something gentler like a honey oatmeal soap. It’s a gentle exfoliator that helps your skin absorb and retain moisture while simultaneously removing the dead skin. It also provides relief to irritated skin. It’s an organic product rich in antioxidants and crafted from natural ingredients like honey, oatmeal, bran and coconut oil. There’s no dryness and no shine—just smooth skin.

Better yet, you can use the honey oatmeal soap with just your hands or a wash cloth. There’s no need to bring in any complex tools. Simplicity still achieves the desired result.

Be sure to focus on all your skin. There’s a tendency to concentrate on hands and feet because these areas are constantly exposed or sweaty. But dead skin cells build up on body parts like your elbows and knees as well. Don’t gloss over the rest of your body. All your skin needs attention.

When you question whether you need to go the extra mile, tell yourself, “Yes I need to exfoliate my skin”. This isn’t an extra step; it’s mandatory. Once you see the results, you’ll never skip another exfoliation session.

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