Eating With a Mustache and beard

How To Eat with a Mustache & Beard

Mustaches and beards can change your life. They can add angles to a rounded face or beef up a small chin. They can up the ante in the dating world, making you seem more attractive to potential partners. And they can make you cooler. But one unintended change caused by your beard or mustache isn’t so positive. All of sudden, it becomes harder to eat your favorite foods. When you bite into your favorite juicy burger, the grease and ketchup hangs around long after you’re finished. Eating with a mustache and beard can be tricky business; same with a beard. But luckily, there’s some great beard advice to help you avoid carrying your lunch around on your face.

Train Your Facial Hair For Eating With A Mustache

From the early stages of growth, you need to train your mustache to step out of the way. You’re probably wondering how that’s possible, since your mustache isn’t exactly a living, breathing thing. But it’s easier than you think. As your beard grows in, use some beard oil (and not just any-the best beard oil; we’ll cover this later) to moisten it and comb it towards the side. As more hair grows in, it will naturally grow to the sides instead of out. Just as you can control beard growth, you can do the same for a mustache. The next time you have Italian, you’ll appreciate this little trick.

Modify Your Eating Habits

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods to keep your beard clean, but you might need to adjust the way you eat. If you’re attempting to tackle that triple decker sandwich or the classic sloppy joe, open wide. Seems simple enough, but keeping your mouth partially closed while you bite into your food means your mustache and beard come into contact with your dinner. You’ll instantly create a mess that can’t be cleaned with a napkin.

Also, when eating with a mustache, you should try taking smaller bites. The less you try to inhale on each go-round, the more chance you have of keeping your beard and mustache clean. If there’s no way to get your food down the hatch without spilling on your facial hair, opt for utensils instead. No one will judge you if you cut your sandwich in half with a knife. However, they will judge you if you have day-old mustard in your beard hair.

For drinks, especially messy ones like milkshakes, use a straw. Get over how feminine you think it looks and focus on keeping your beard clean. Alternatively, there’s always the old, reliable mustache cup. While it may seem antiquated, it’s worth it.

tips for eating with a mustache

Keep Things Clean

Regardless of how careful you are, eating with a mustache or a full beard is never 100% stain-free. You’re still likely to get a few crumbs or drops of oil in there. To be safe, you need a great care routine. When it comes to beard grooming tips for the hungry guy, you can’t go wrong with a great beard wash. Every other day (and especially after big, messy meals), you should clean your beard and mustache with a beard shampoo soap. It’ll deep clean your whiskers to make sure all the grease and condiments are out. Plus, it’ll hydrate your hair and give it some natural shine.

Always be sure to moisturize afterwards with beard oil—the best beard oil, made with the finest argan oil, to be exact. You’ve just invested time into cleaning your beard, and you need to make sure it stays fresh and moisturized. There are no shortage beard oil products for ever man. They containing natural ingredients in tea tree & peppermint beard oil, cedar beard oil,  and sandalwood & vanilla beard oil to keep your beard soft, untangled and healthy.

You shouldn’t hesitate about diving into a great meal. Just keep in mind that a few changes might be needed so your food ends up in your belly and not on your upper lip.

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