Essential Ways to Step Up Your Fall Fashion

Bidding farewell to summer doesn’t have to be a sad affair. Fall is one of the most exciting times in men’s fashion. As the air turns crisp and temperatures drop, men everywhere regain flexibility and possibility in their wardrobes. The season of shorts and tanks is behind us. We can officially take some chances and get back to dressing like gentlemen. If you’re at a loss for where to start, look to some of the biggest trends for inspiration with these fall fashion tips.

Skinny Isn’t Dead But…

The skinny pant has ruled for quite some time now. For the last decade, menswear designers have chased after a European silhouette. Whether you shop the sale racks at Topman or prefer the sleek luxury of Louis Vuitton, all of the pants have had one thing in common. They were all absurdly slim. For the first time in more than a decade, menswear is taking a sharp turn toward looser fits. At the most recent New York Fashion Week: Men’s, both onlookers and models on the runway were rocking wide-legged trousers and relaxed fit jeans. The skinny pant isn’t dead. But it has some serious competition this fall.



Military-inspired designs aren’t necessarily new. Some of the best outerwear and woven shirts of the last few seasons have featured details like epaulets. Camo pants got a chic makeover back in 2013. But this year, double-breasted outerwear that evokes classic military style is back. Think navy topcoats with gold buttons and arrow sleeve details. This year’s crop of outerwear resembles an honorable uniform with a dapper twist.

Get Rusty

A lot of guys turn to black and gray during the winter. What better way to hide your seasonal weight gain? But it’s no secret that black and gray are boring. Fall is a great time to shine some light on richer color. To stand out from the drab crowd, opt for copper or rust pieces. On one end, copper takes on a lighter edge, more closely resembling mustard yellow. On the other, it takes on more of a burnt orange look that feels equally masculine and adventurous. You want the second option. This year, designers have rolled out everything from tuxedo jackets to peacoats in varying shades of rust. Balance out the color with neutrals for maximum effect.

Fall Fashion Tips Cedar Beard Oil For MenGet Bold

There are a lot of assumptions about dressing for colder seasons. One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to wear solids. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you take one thing thing away from this list of fall fashion tips, it’s this: you should incorporate bold prints into your fall looks. For a professional setting, try more gentlemanly options like windowpane or plaid. If you’re a big risk taker, go for multicolor graphics. Over the last couple years, streetwear has made it cool to wear logos and messages on our clothes again. If you’re not in a suit 24/7, show off your personality by paying allegiance to your favorite brands or social causes right on your torso.

Layer Up

One of the most difficult parts of fall dressing is the unpredictability of the weather. The mornings are brisk while the afternoons are sweltering. You don’t want to overdress or underdress. Layering is the answer. The key to strong layering is to only feature pieces that can stand alone. Don’t throw a ratty t-shirt underneath your sweater if you aren’t planning to wear it solo later. The key here is to wear multiple strong pieces that you can remove or pull on when the weather shifts.

Dressing for fall doesn’t have to be intimidating or boring. With a few small adjustments to your current arsenal, you can turn heads and win the season with these fall fashion tips.