Faster Morning Grooming Routine For Men

Speeding Up Your Morning Grooming Routine

No matter how long you sleep or how much you plan, you always find yourself rushing in the morning. You’re the guy who shows up to the office with wet hair, a couple missed patches on his chin, and an everything bagel in his hand. Like so many others, you want more time before work. And you think the answer is getting up earlier. However, speeding up your morning grooming routine isn’t about working longer. It’s about working smarter.

Night Moves

By nature, you shower and shave before work. You show up to the office looking refreshed and ready to take care of business. But what if you could do those things the night before and still look just as rejuvenated? Start showering and shaving at night. For starters, showering at night means you’ll have cleaner sheets. And cleaner sheets don’t need to be changed as often (less laundry!). Plus, when you shave at night, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have five o’clock shadow by the morning. Give yourself the gift of time (and get a sound sleep while you’re at it).

Cold, Cold Water

Maybe showering at night doesn’t tickle your fancy. If you’re set on rinsing off in the morning, shorten your shower time with some cold water. It might sound torturous, but there’s no better way to ensure you get out of there quickly. Showering in cold water will make you shiver. However, you won’t linger. You’ll get the basics done and get out of there. Same thing when you wash your face with cold water. Lather up with your favorite face scrub for men, rinse, and hop out.

Double Duty

Perhaps your morning grooming routine is front loaded with too many steps. Cut down on application time by using 2-in-1 products. For example, many moisturizers include sun protection. There’s no need to add an extra layer of sunscreen if your face cream has you covered. Likewise, look for an aftershave that’s also a moisturizer. The less products you use, the more time you save.

Put Your Grooming Routine on Autopilot

In this age of extreme technological advancement, there’s no need to do things manually. Ditch the toothbrush you’ve been using since your last visit to the dentist and go electric. Invest in a face brush for 30-second exfoliation. Look for ways to scrub and brush faster. Less Equals More

Your textured shag cut might have worked when you were in college, but as a career man, it’s time to get serious about your hair. The longer it is, the more time you spend washing, conditioning, and styling it. Cut it short to earn back a few morning minutes. There’s no need to look like a new Army recruit. But take cues from Justin Theroux and Ryan Gosling. You can go short and still pack in lots of style—in half the time.

Pump Up the Jams

Sometimes, you just need to pick up the pace. Mornings can be tough, especially if you’re a night owl. Steal a move from distance runners and track your progress with a playlist. Runners will often build soundtracks that help them with pacing. They’ll know they’re on track when they hit a certain song. Your morning should be no different. Build a playlist of jams that spans the length of time it takes you to get ready. If you aren’t applying face cream by the time Kanye blasts through your speakers, you’ll know to pick up the pace.

Your male grooming routine might be a major factor in slowing down your morning but it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a more efficient approach and glide through the first part of your day with ease.

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