Finding the Right Hair to Beard Length Ratio

Finding the Right Hair to Beard Length Ratio

If you search the #beardgoals hashtag on Instagram, you’ll thumb through thousands of pictures of guys with full Gandalfs. There’s a perception in the social media world that the only beard length is long. However, this isn’t true. Just as it’s important to match beard styles to facial features and shapes, it’s also crucial to consider the hair you have up top. You might not be familiar with the right beard to hair ratio, but there are rules to adhere when considering how long to grow your beard. The perfect combination can help you evoke peak George Clooney grooming. The wrong one can give you the grooming equivalent of a bad outfit. If you’re at a loss for finding the right combo, heed the following pieces of advice.

Why Hair to Beard Length Ratio Is Important

Beard to hair ratio not only keeps your look balanced but helps you show off your uniqueness. It defines your aesthetic and demonstrates to others that you take your appearance seriously. It also shows that you’re aware of trends and your interests are rooted in modern times. Beards themselves offer a host of benefits from accentuating certain features of your face to making you seem like a more attractive and protective partner. But the ratio is the final piece that pulls it all together.

Ratio Beard Grooming Tips: Opposites Attract

As a general rule, contrast looks best when it comes to beard-hair ratios. If you have short hair, a longer, thicker beard will serve as a worthy companion. If you have long hair, a shorter beard works well. The contrast is smooth and complementary. It’s not overwhelming or tacky. If you have long hair and a long beard, the look can come off as messy and unkempt. And vice versa, short hair and short beards together can seem bland. The contrast between hair length and beard length can elevate your facial features and give your natural look a bit of depth.

For bald guys, you have the freedom to go as long as you want. With no hair competing up top, any beard you grow will be a statement. However, not every bald guy will look great with a full beard. Be sure to assess your facial features and figure out what looks best on you. Just because you can go full Gandalf doesn’t mean you should.

men hairstyles with beards hipster beard undercutMedium Length Works with Everything

Medium length hair occupies an easy space. Whether you decide to keep your beard short or let it grow wild or even stop somewhere in-between, medium hair works. Regardless of how you style your beard, the look will feel balanced. However, poor grooming will throw things off track. For this to work effectively, be sure to practice normal beard grooming tips. Daily application of beard oil will keep your beard soft and untangled with a natural shine. Without daily care, your beard can be affected by flakes and dryness, giving you a rough look that screams nonchalance.

The Same All Around?

Some guys subscribe to the belief that your beard and your hair should both be the same length. For some, this look might work. Going the same length all around is a safe bet. It may not help you stand out amongst the crowd, but you certainly won’t look odd. However, if you’re investing the time into growing a beard, why not go all out and choose a fresh style that’s all yours?

Beard to hair ratio is an important factor to consider when determining your beard length. With a little bit of contrast and regular use of beard grooming products, you can land on a look that sets you apart and serves as a definitive statement of your personal style.

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