How to Keep Greasy Skin From Shining In Photos

How To Keep Your Skin From Shining in Photos

In today’s society, taking the perfect selfie or candid has become important to most people. Unfortunately, there are times that you feel like you can’t get the perfect picture because your face looks too shiny. It’s because of your greasy skin. If you usually sweat excessively or have oily skin, then it is time to stop it. If you don’t, you may never get a good picture in, at least without your face looking so shiny. Minimizing your skins oil production is important when preventing a greasy face. Here are a few ways you can prepare your face for the best picture.

Use a Lightweight Oil-Free Moisturizer

Light oil-free moisturizer is super important when it comes to preventing greasy skin. When you moisturize with heavy-weight moisturizer, it can actually make your face look really greasy. Light-weight moisturizer actually helps your pores to breathe easier, reducing oil production. It is usually loaded with nutrients to help hydrate your skin without increasing your sebum production. Our O/Zero Oil-Free Moisturizer is the perfect product to help reduce oil production. It helps reduce oil production with oil-free hyaluronic acid. It also holds up to 10000x its weight in water. Ultimately, it is a lightweight moisturizer that is guaranteed to keep your skin smooth and fresh.

Get Acquainted With Toner

Toner can help hydrate your skin and reduce oil production. Many of the ingredients used to provide nutrients necessary for your skin to neutralize oil and to prevent dry skin (not alcohol-based.) Make sure to apply it either in the morning or afternoon.

Wipe it Down!

When oil builds up throughout the day, face wipes can help you to remove it. If you are unable to splash some water in your face, then these wipes will come in handy. They can also keep your face clean whenever you seem to have dirt on your face.

Green French Clay Soap is Your Friend

In a short amount of time, green french clay can help remove excess oil and unclog pores. Additionally, they can also help prevent acne from occurring and reduce shine. Make sure you only use it twice per week. You don’t want to remove all the oil in your skin, for it helps to keep your skin hydrated. Follow with a light oil-free moisturizer for optimum results.

Yes, Powder-Based Shine Inhibitors Are Also For Men

You may not know this, but powder is known to help reduce shine; it helps to absorb sweat and oil. Powder-based creams can help reduce shine and minimize pores. Apply it on your forehead and nose to keep your skin shine free and exquisite.

If you want a photo without a shiny complexion, then it is strongly recommended that you use at least some of these tools. Makre sure to take care of that greasy skin so you can appear shine-free in your photos and selfies today!

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