Grooming Tips For Black Men With Beards

Beard Care Tips for Black Men

For most men, growing a beard offers the same set of benefits: a more rugged look, a warmer face during winter, better romantic prospects, etc. But for black men with beards, the extra facial hair represents something more significant—a reprieve from the unwanted side effects of shaving. Black men’s facial hair is generally curly and tightly coiled. Thus, when the hair grows back after a shave, it curls back into the skin, resulting in painful razor bumps. Growing a beard is one of the best solutions to the problem, and with the following beard care tips, you can reap the full benefits of your new facial hair.


Black Men With Beards Must Be patient When Growing

The initial stages of growth can be difficult. You might experience some razor bumps as hair starts to grow in. Don’t worry—the longer you let your hair grow, the less bumps you’ll have. Also, you’ll notice certain areas of your beard that look patchy, or areas that grow in thicker than others. Resist the temptation to start styling or trimming it until after at least 4 weeks. You need to see the full picture to understand the best styling options for your particular growth patterns.

A Beard Moisturizer is The Key To Success

Every guy should moisturize his beard, as this promotes healthy growth and keeps the skin underneath in great condition. However, black men with beards should never skip moisturizing. Your hair naturally requires more oil, and the sebaceous glands on your face, which produce oil, won’t generate enough moisture for both your skin and your beard. You need reinforcements but from the right products. Use natural beard oils like jojoba beard oil and Argan beard oil. These are essential oils infused with natural ingredients that provide fresh scents, long-lasting moisture, and prevent common beard issues like irritation, flakes, and itchiness.

You should also consider beard balm as an additional protectant and extra step. Like your hair up top, you need a sealant to trap the moisture. Beard balm can serve this function.

Beard Cleanliness is Next To Godliness

Caring for black hair requires a bit of restraint. Your hair thrives with moisture, and you shouldn’t shampoo it too often. For your hair up top, you likely wash it once a week; maybe even every two weeks. For your beard, apply similar principles. Start out cleansing it with a beard shampoo once a week, and judge how your beard hair recovers. If it feels too dry or once a week is too often, try once every two weeks. The objective is to ensure you’re deep cleaning anything you might miss when you shower or wash your face. You also want to ensure you’re stimulating growth.

Always apply beard oil after using shampoo. Though beard shampoo is formulated to cleanse without stripping your moisture, it’s best to add additional protection.

Beard Combing & Styling Tips

Invest in a beard comb for your daily styling. Your beard comb should have smooth teeth. Because your hair is curly and coiled, it will break easily if you use a comb with sharp teeth. Gently comb through your beard to style it as you please and to detangle. When your hair is tangled, it stunts the growth and can lead to split ends. Also, use your beard comb to evenly spread beard oil and beard balm throughout your beard.

Depending on your growth and personal style, you may also consider a moustache comb, and a beard brush could be useful for the earlier stages of growth, mainly to fill in patchy areas and control the direction of your growth.

For black men with beards, proper care and moisturizing are crucial for healthy hair and skin, and to ward off those pesky shaving problems for good.

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