Hairy Mens Skin Care Tips

The Hairy Men’s Guide To Skin Care

If you’re one of millions of hairy men, you probably assume you fall into a different category of skin care. With all your body and facial hair, you think your skin can take an extra beating; that you can use aggressive products all over to make sure you’re taken care of. The good news is that you’re definitely on to something. The bad news is you’re probably not being aggressive in the right ways. Hairy men have their own set of skin care tips, but they’re not the rules you’ve suspected.

Get a Stronger Moisturizer

You’ve probably noticed how hard it is to rub lotions and creams into the hairiest parts of your body and face. It seems the product just rests atop your hair regardless of how vigorously you rub it in. That’s because men’s body hair acts as a barrier against these moisturizing solutions. You need something stronger that will soak right through and get to work. For your bearded face, try a oil-free moisturizing serum for men. For your body, try a oil-based moisturizing serum that can cut through your body’s forest and hydrate your skin.

Hairy Men Should Exfoliate a Little Less

When it comes to exfoliating your face, this only needs to be done a few times a week maximum. Believe it or not, your body needs it even less. The hair on your body works as its own exfoliator every time you shower. As you lather up with bar soap or body wash, your hair rubs against your skin and flicks off dirt as well as dead skin cells. So, you’re exfoliating every day whether you realize it or not. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in some extra scrub time at least once a week. Invest in an exfoliating soap bar for a deep scrub that digs up what you’ve been missing during the work week.

Men SPF Sunscreen Body Hair Realize Your Body Hair Isn’t Superman

Hairy men like to think their body hair is superhuman. There seems to be a common belief that the hairier you are, the less sunscreen you need. But this isn’t true. Men’s body hair might be a nifty, built-in exfoliator but it’s not a human shield. You still need some serious SPF assistance because your body hair offers very little. Just be sure to invest in an oil-based sunscreen or else you’ll need to hire a team to rub it all in.

Beard Oil Trumps Moisturizer

If you’re a guy on the front end of the beard journey, you’ve grown accustomed to using a regular moisturizer on your face and beard. In the beginning, this is perfectly normal. Your stubble is short, and there isn’t a need for any additional resources. But after a few weeks or a few centimeters of growth, itchy beard sets in. That’s when you realize your moisturizer isn’t working. This happens because your beard is forming a barrier to your face cream, similar to what men’s body hair does to lotion. Beard oil gets beneath the surface to soften the beard hair and moisturize the skin underneath. Almost instantaneously, you’ll notice your itchy beard is gone. It takes a bit more to keep your facial hair in check. Specifically, a peppermint beard oil also helps by providing a cooling sensation.

Hairy men are often viewed as more rugged and masculine. But the truth is, they need a more advanced skin care regimen than most. They face a host of challenges that other guys never experience. With the skin care tips mentioned here, you can keep your beard and body hair in check while also taking great care of your skin. A little extra moisturizing goes a long way.

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