Hangover Skin Care Tips for men

The Morning After: Hangover Skin Care Tips

If you’re like most guys, you rang in the new year with party favors, great food, best friends and a few glasses of champagne (or your poison of choice). The night was celebratory and fun, but the morning after probably wasn’t. You felt like you’d been run over by a train, and unfortunately, that pain showed in your face. Now it’s time for damage control, you’re going to need to follow these hangover skin care tips. 

A big night out can have detrimental effects on your skin. As you’ve figured out from your hangover, alcohol causes major dehydration but you also need to understand how alcohol affects skin. Your body’s lack of water leaves you feeling fatigued with a massive headache. But additionally, it leaves your skin dried out, puffy and dull. You might even notice some redness. What should you do?

Sure, you’re on the right track with that one-liter bottle of water on your nightstand. However, hydration alone isn’t the cure for your dull skin. Hangover skin care requires more effort on your part.

Moisturize Before You Close Your Eyes

Believe it or not, hangover skin care starts before your head hits the pillow. Most guys know their drinking limits, and their resulting hangover after a big night is hardly ever a surprise. As soon as you step foot outside the bar, you know what’s coming in the morning. Since you know what to expect, take some preventive steps before you pass out.

A gentle facewash should be the first step. Your skin is already inflamed, and you need a cleansing agent that can help improve water circulation throughout your skin. A honey-based face scrub for men and body soap help your skin retain moisture while soothing your irritation. It’s also a gentle exfoliant that’s antioxidant-rich and organic.

Next, you need a great moisturizer to further soothe your skin and aid in full rehydration while you sleep. An oil-free moisturizer for men packed with hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring ingredient in your skin that promotes elasticity and works overtime to retain moisture is a good bet. With these products on your side before you hit the hay, you’ll wake up fresh faced despite the fact you’ll feel like death. However, you’re not done there.


Wake Up Your Skin with a Scrub

Despite all the work you did the night before, your face is still full of damaged cells thanks to the presence of alcohol. The morning after is a great time for more extensive care, but that doesn’t mean you need to scrub your skin like you’re cleaning the kitchen floor. Try a natural face scrub for men or a honey face scrub for some gentle deep cleansing. These natural exfoliation methods are anti-inflammatory. More specifically, honey can help prevent breakouts and fight off any bacteria that might be lingering. Unlike other scrubs, these natural options help wash off the dead skin cells while simultaneously hydrating your face.

Taking Care of Yourself is The Key to Hangover Skin Care

Since you were a kid, your parents probably mentioned the phrase, “you are what you eat” a time or two. It wasn’t just a toddler-era, dinner table idiom. It should still be a general guiding principle for your adult life, especially when you’re hungover. Keep drinking water to rehydrate your body and flush out the toxins. For an extra kick for your liver, take down a glass of warm water with some lemon. Try to avoid any coffee or tea, which can exacerbate your dehydration. When your appetite comes back, go for fruit, leafy greens and soups. And most important of all, rest.

Hangover skin care is about so much more than downing a big bottle of water. Preparation starts the minute you get home and continues the morning after. You might not feel your best but at least you’ll look good.


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