holiday travel grooming tips for men

Holiday Travel Grooming Tips

Roughly 100 million people travel for the Christmas holiday, and odds are, you’re one of them. You’ve planned ahead to make sure your trip is smooth. You’ve got TSA pre-check, you’ve bought trip insurance, and you’ve left enough space in your luggage for your gifts. But one thing most guys forget about during the holidays is travel grooming.

You might find yourself sleeping in your childhood bedroom, but that doesn’t mean your grooming routine needs to revert back to the old days. You’ll need to make a few adjustments but there’s no reason to ditch your best practices just because you’re not at home.

Moisturize Before You Board

On your travel day, most of your toiletries and travel grooming products will be locked in your checked luggage. That means you’ll go several hours without access to face wash, beard oil, or your men’s moisturizer. Be sure to moisturize fully before you board your flight. The cabin air will likely suck all the moisture out of your skin. If you have a long flight ahead of you, that could leave your face dull and dry by the time you arrive.

Pack Your Essentials

Whether you’re staying at your mom’s house or a hotel, there’s a strong chance your favorite men’s face wash won’t be in the bathroom. So, you can leave it to chance and risk drying out your skin with generic products. Or, you can pack your own. Your Dopp kit will have the essentials—razor, toothbrush, hair pomade. But don’t forget your skin products. Great skin requires consistency.

Keep your beard routine alive

Christmas travel often requires you to venture to climates that you aren’t used to. Let’s say you’re traveling from Florida to Wisconsin—your body’s in for a shock. But staying warm won’t be your only concern. You need to protect your beard. The dry, winter air is one of your beard’s worst enemies. A tea tree & peppermint beard oil can give you a protective coat of moisture while also keeping your skin hydrated. In really rough conditions, you may need to apply it twice a day.

Bring Your Shaving Products

While you’re away, you’ll need to shave, or at least touch up certain areas of your beard. If you go through the entire holiday break without at least a trim, you’ll end up having more in common with Santa Claus than you think. Bring along the necessities—a razor, shaving soap, and moisturizing aftershave. You want to ensure you have everything you need for a precise shave that keeps you looking fresh while also preventing irritation.

A Few Notes About Packing Your Travel Grooming Products

It’s important to follow the TSA’s policies for packing liquids—a category that most of your toiletries fall into. The max amount of liquid per product is 3.4 ounces. Anything more and they’ll force you to toss it out. To avoid the embarrassment and the wasted money, shop small. Load your Dopp kit with travel size products, and if travel size isn’t an option, buy a set of travel bottles. Pour your liquids into these bottles so you can pack everything you need without breaking the rules.

Also, to avoid spillage in your luggage, toss your bottles in Ziploc bags or tape them shut. There’s nothing worse than reaching your destination and finding your belongings soaked in lotion or cologne.

And, last but not least, keep a small emergency stash in your carry-on. Let’s say your luggage gets lost and won’t make it to your destination for a day or two. You’ll still need to wash your face, and you’ll need access to any prescription meds. Keep those with you so you’ll at least have the basics if things go wrong.

Travel grooming doesn’t mean changing your routine, but it does mean making some adjustments to keep things intact.
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