How often to use beard oil

How Often Should I Use Beard Oil?

Budding beard enthusiasts usually have a few questions when growing their facial hair; it’s a serious commitment that requires more than simply not shaving, after all. Of these questions and concerns, the most common is how often to use beard oil without overdoing it.

A Game of Inches – Stubble Means Less

It should be of no surprise that how often to use beard oil is determined by the length of your facial hair. Stubble requires less attention than a full-length beard; this goes for both sheer amount of oil and frequency and use. One strategy that universally applies to all growers is applying oil after you shower. For best results, a few drops after a warm shower is the bare minimum you should be using at all lengths.

How Often to Use Beard Oil on A Full Beard

Depending on the thickness of your face mane, adding a few drops of your favorite beard products to your morning routine can be a huge boon to your facial hair’s health, keeping it shiny and moisturized throughout the day until your next wash as well as combatting the dreaded “bed beard”.

For those with beards on the longer – one would dare say epic – side of things, greater length requires more attention. In addition to the aforementioned post-shower lubing, and morning grooming, a few drops before bed is highly advised. The reality is that your beard gets drained of moisture overnight. Apply a little extra before bed and you’ll wake up with a softer, easy-to-manage beard, and moisturized skin in the morning.

A Matter of Preference

The fact is that even at different lengths, some men can get away with only applying beard oil after their shower, while others need two to three applications per day.  There are variables to take into consideration including climate and overall dryness of skin. Don’t be afraid to experiment with how often to use beard oil, and find what yields the best results for you.
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