How To Prevent Razor Burn

How to Prevent Razor Burn

Whether you’re simply cleaning up a messy beard or transitioning to a clean-shaven look, razor burn can rear its ugly head. You probably know the symptoms. A couple hours after shaving, the redness and irritation sets in. If you’re really unlucky, painful razor bumps pop up along your cheek and neck lines. For many guys, razor burn is part of their reality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It takes some extra work to prevent razor burn, but remaining pain-free after your shave is worth it.

Keep Your Beard Soft

Think it’s manly to shave your beard when it’s dry as the desert? Think again. Sliding your razor through dry hair could be a huge factor in causing your razor burn. Make sure your beard hair is as soft as possible before you get started. There’s a few ways to do this.

First, you could take a hot shower. The moisture from the steam will automatically soften your beard. But if that isn’t enough, rub on a beard softener or beard conditioner immediately when you get out.

Wash Your Face Thoroughly

It sounds like a no-brainer if you want to prevent razor burn, but not every guy washes his face before the shave. For best results, you should use a men’s face wash to remove oil and dirt. Not only do these things clog your pores but they create ripe conditions for irritation. Whenever you shave, it’s like an informal exfoliation. Leaving your skin open but covered in grime is a bad situation. Also, when your face isn’t clean, it forces you to take more passes to get a close shave.

Start Exfoliating

Speaking of exfoliating, make sure it’s part of your routine. An exfoliator for men digs deep to remove particles that could cause ingrown hairs later. Bring everything to the surface before the razor touches your face.

Moisturizer and Aftershave

Aftershave seems like a great way to finish off your shave. There’s a refreshing scent, and there’s the guarantee of closed pores. But a lot of aftershaves are formulated with potentially harmful chemicals that strip your skin of moisture while causing irritation. What’s intended to refresh your skin could actually be your worst enemy.

What you need is an oil-free moisturizer for men that provides the soothing effect you expect, combined with the functionality of an aftershave. Double Deal Post-Shave Moisturizer effectively handles double duty. It keeps your skin hydrated while also soothing and preventing further shaving complications like razor bumps and burn.

The Right Razor Helps Prevent Razor Burn

Often, the problems leading to your razor burn start with your razor. You might feel compelled to get the latest 5-blade razor from your nearest pharmacy. They’re cheap and promise the closest shave possible. But every blade in these razors serves a purpose. One razor pulls the hair up while the others cut away the hair. Your shave is close, but these razors tend to cut the hair underneath the skin. This means you’re more at risk for ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Instead, opt for a straight razor. It’s a bit old school and it’ll cost you a little more but nothing else compares to the shave it provides. You can get a superior shave with a single pass. And you’ll have the inside scoop on every barber’s best-kept secret. Just be sure to keep a sharp blade in your razor. Once it gets dull, you’ll have to take more passes, which leads to the very conditions you’re hoping to avoid.

Razor burn is never fun to deal with, but with a few adjustments to your shaving routine, you can stop worrying about it.

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