how to soften your beard

How to Soften Your Beard

In the early stages of growing a beard, your stubble stays soft thanks to your face’s natural oils and your daily moisturizer. Beard softness probably doesn’t cross your mind. But as you start to see significant growth, you’ll notice that your beard hair is terse. Without proper moisturizing, it gets prickly, gritty and hard. Instead of enjoying the benefits of a well-groomed beard, you end up with facial hair that feels akin to rose thorns. There’s no doubt you need to soften your beard. It’ll be more aesthetically pleasing, it’ll soothe your face and it’ll encourage healthy growth as your beard journey continues. To soften your beard effectively, there’s a few key action points and products needed for maximum impact.

Lather Up

Like your hair up top, your beard hair needs to be shampooed on a regular basis. Depending on the length of your beard, you might need to lather up every other day if you want to soften your beard. Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Shampoo is a great product for your deep cleaning sessions. It rinses out all the dirt without stripping your hair of its sebum, or natural oil. Afterwards, your beard is left feeling refreshed thanks to the peppermint infusion. Better yet, your hair isn’t dried out, which leaves it feeling nice and

Do Women Like Beards? Soft BeardsUse The Ultimate Beard Softener

Washing and soothing your beard is only part of the battle. Beard oil products are essential in your daily maintenance. To soften your beard, you need to keep it moisturized.Beard oil is the only way to do this. Every morning, it’s important to apply a dime-sized amount of beard oil evenly throughout your beard. The beard oil provides additional moisture that your sebum glands can’t produce. It also moisturizes the skin underneath. Additionally, beard oil products aid in styling and detangling. Like Tea Tree & Peppermint beard shampoo, Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil leaves your beard feeling and smelling minty

Keep Trims To A Minimum

The more you trim your face, the more often you’ll experience new growth. Quite often, the prickliest part of your beard results from the newest hairs. You’re more likely to experience itching and irritation. This hair hasn’t had the benefit of continued moisturizing and care. So, it’ll feel coarser than the rest of your beard. If you want to minimize this effect and keep your beard soft at all times, keep the trims to a minimum. Only shape up your whiskers when it’s absolutely necessary.

Beard CombsSoften Your Beard By Brushing or Combing

No matter how much you moisturize, tangling is bound to happen at some point. It’s just part of the beard growth process. However, don’t just accept it. When your beard hair gets tangled, it becomes harder for sebum to reach the full strand of hair. It also becomes practically impossible for your beard oil to spread evenly through all your beard hair. The tangled strands will start to harden from their lack of moisture. It’s best to invest in a beard brush or beard comb to sort things out. Work on tangles just after you’ve applied beard oil and your hair is damp but not wet. Trying to detangle when your beard hair is wet will cause breakage because wet hair is the most fragile. You don’t want hard beard hair, but you also don’t want breakage.

Keeping your beard hair soft has several benefits ranging from elevating your personal appearance to improving your level of comfort. Keeping it soft requires a few products and some additional effort on your part. But the good news it isn’t work-intensive and can easily become part of your daily and weekly routine.

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