how to trim your beard with beard scissors

How to Trim Your Beard with Beard Scissors

Most beard grooming tips blogs offer you one bit of advice—let it grow. You can stunt your beard growth if you trim your beard too often in the first few weeks. However, as your beard gets fuller, it also gets more uneven, tangled, and damaged. A periodic trim is the perfect way to clean things up without sacrificing all that growth. Instead of accidentally shaving yourself clean with a beard trimmer, try the trusted barber method with a pair of beard scissors.

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You’re probably questioning why you need beard scissors instead of regular scissors. Well, the ones you use to open your latest Amazon purchase are oversized and unstable. Not to mention, they’re filthy. Large scissors are made for large jobs. Though you’re proud of your beard length, it’s not a large job (don’t take it personal). You need a smaller pair that can give you a precise cut without the risk of slicing your face. Beard scissors, also known as barber scissors, (available in Our Black Box Beard Gift Set For Men) are much smaller and easier to handle. They’re made of stainless steel and feature two small holes on the handles which fit snugly around your fingers for ultimate control.

Starting To Trim Your Beard

Before you start, make sure you also have a beard comb. It will play an important role throughout the trimming process and keep you from trimming too much.

You’ll begin trimming by your ear. Comb out your beard and leave the length of hair you’d like to cut on the outside edge of the comb. It should be strewn through the comb’s teeth. Use your beard scissors to cut all the hair on the outside of the comb. You’ll repeat this step as you work down to your jaw line. But a word of caution—go light if this is your first time trimming with beard scissors. They’re sharp and precise. It’s easy to go back and trim more. However, cutting too close means you’ll have to shave and start from scratch.

Learn How To Trim Your Beard With Beard Scissors To Grow A Thicker Beard

Sum of the Parts

Each part of your beard should get equal attention from you and your beard scissors. You’ll trim the right and left sides of your face, working to make sure each one is even. Then, you’ll trim your chin and moustache to the same length. For the latter two areas, be sure to comb the hair down when you pinpoint the amount you’d like to snip. Once you’re finished trimming, comb out your beard once more to make sure you’re satisfied with the length all around.

Your neck is really the only area where you should forgo scissors. Here, you run the risk of injury. It’s nearly impossible to cut this hair closely without cutting yourself. There’s nothing wrong with breaking out the beard trimmer for a quick neck touch up.

The Finisher

What beard trim is complete without a little sheen? Whenever you get your hair cut or styled, your barber makes sure it looks and smells fresh before you leave the chair. Treat your beard the same way. Enlist beard oil products to give your beard hair a healthy glow that helps show off your skills. And if your beard hair needs a deep clean, lather up with a tea tree & peppermint beard shampoo to keep things in order. There’s nothing like a sea of crumbs or dry, brittle hair to distract from a fresh trim.

Trimming your beard with beard scissors is a quick and effective way to keep your beard well-groomed. Take the time to get it right, and you’ll never worry about having a scraggly mess on your chin.

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