jojoba beard oil and how beards slow the aging process

How Beards Slow Down the Aging Process

There’s no doubt beards offer a host of benefits. They make you look more like a lumberjack, keep your face warm on those blustery winter days and even increase your chances of finding someone to settle down with. But believe it or not, there’s a lot more to your beard than just looking manlier or sexier. It turns out your beard can also help you look younger. Forget all the experiments at your local dermatologist’s office. The best anti aging skin care on the market is right there on your face and the best thing you can do is groom it with a jojoba beard oil.

Your Beard is Anti Aging Skin Care Tool

According to a 2013 deep dive by the UK’s Daily Mail, your whiskers actually help trap water and moisture in your skin. Your beard works as a barrier, preventing water from leaving your face. It also fends off any dangerous elements like wind that dry out your skin and disrupt your protective layers.

Your beard works as a booster for your moisturizer. The coarse hair keeps it locked in, along with your naturally occurring oils. With a beard in place, you don’t have to worry about any moisture seeping out.

Additionally, the simple presence of your beard is automatically helpful in slowing the aging process. Wherever hair follicles exist, your skin is thicker. The follicles along with the oil glands toughen the skin. Thicker skin experiences less damage in the long run.

Your Beard Means Less Sun Exposure

Your beard’s other hidden talent? It’s a built-in sunblock. It can reduce the threat of sun exposure by a third, compared to the hairless parts of your body. Beard hair can give you up to 95% protection against harmful UV rays.

Prolonged sun exposure without protection can lead to wrinkles, sun spots and other indicators of aging. It can actually make them worse and cause them to rise to the surface prematurely. Your beard can assist in lessening the impact of a few hours at the beach. This doesn’t mean you’re excused from wearing sunscreen. But you will have a greater shot at avoiding the most harmful effects of spending time in the sun.

Beards Block UV RaysJojoba Beard Oil Helps Moisturize The Skin Beneath

As mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits of your beard hair is its ability to trap moisture in the skin. However, as your beard grows, the skin’s sebaceous glands don’t produce enough natural oil to keep both your face and beard hair adequately moisturized. Sure, your beard can keep your moisturizer locked in. But it needs a little assistance to produce the best effects. The best effects require the best beard oil.

Beard oil is designed to sink deep into your hair follicles, aiding the natural oil that already exists. This keeps your beard hair moisturized all day long as well as soft, naturally shiny and untangled. Beard oil also keeps the skin below moisturized. If you’re banking on your beard hair trapping in some effective moisture, beard oil is the kind of moisture that can work

A jojoba beard oil, which is a naturally rich host of vitamin E, is specially formulated to tackle dryness and common beard problems. As an added bonus, it offers a rich shine that doesn’t weigh down your beard or clog your pores. The Alchemist is jojoba beard oil that utilizes peppermint & tea tree beard and offers the same benefits but leaves you with a light cooling sensation and a crisp freshness.

Guys with beards are initially drawn to their new facial hair because of its aesthetic benefits. But a great beard can do so much more for you. With some beard oil in tow, you can preserve your good looks and slow the aging process for years to come.

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