Keeping Your Quarantine Beard When Returning to Work

Keeping Your Quarantine Beard When Returning to Work

The current pandemic has made it difficult to safely participate in outdoor activities and prevented many people from working. As a result, most men have taken the time to grow a “quarantine beard”, avoiding the costs of picking up a shaver or razor.

Now, businesses are starting to re-open and that means it is time to return to work. Unfortunately, their jobs may tell you that it is time to shave that incredible beard they spent all quarantine cultivating. So, the question is, how does one convince their boss to let you keep their new facial hair?

Beards Are the New Business Look

Beards are no longer considered to be unprofessional.  Most importantly, many jobs do not require employees to shave anymore. Seriously, facial hair is not as frowned upon as it used to be. Even some of the world’s most famous celebrities and businessmen have beards.

Share with your boss that beards can be a huge charisma booster when it comes to meeting current or potential clients. Honestly, they are likely to make you look more trustworthy, and that is important when it comes to doing business. Having a trimmed and maintained beard will add some charisma, but a messy uneven one will not. If you are going to convince your boss to let you keep your facial hair, make sure you give him a good reason to allow you to have it. Therefore, groom your quarantine beard!

If you are unsure which beard products are good for you, then check out our post on finding the best ones for you. You will be grooming like a pro in no time.

Wear Your Beard Confidently

If you walk in with a quarantine beard, it is likely that many of your co-workers will be taking a glimpse of the new addition of hair on your face.  Stand your ground; wear your facial hair like a champ. View the situation in a positive light, not a negative one. Do not give your boss a reason to call you out on your facial hair. If you are reacting negatively about all the attention you are receiving, then they are likely to say something about it.

Talk About the Health Benefits

Having a beard has many health benefits. A big one is that it helps to protect your skin from the sun’s powerful rays, especially during the summer. Believe it or not, it can even help to prevent wrinkles from appearing. A beard functions as a type of barrier for the skin, preventing any harmful UV rays from reaching your face.

Despite preventing wrinkles, beards can also keep you warm in the winter. Again, beards function as a barrier, meaning they also protect your skin from being strongly exposed to the cold. If you are not a fan of the winter, then maybe this would be a great health benefit for you.

Never Stop Trying to Keep your Quarantine Beard

It is important to note that these tips are not guaranteed to work, but they do serve as a good stepping stone in bringing the beard in the workplace. Many companies have already begun to accept growing facial hair, but, unfortunately, not all of them do. If your boss is absolutely requiring you to shave your beard after following these tips, then do as they wish. However, it still should not mean that you stop trying to have your beard. Instead, continue to have beneficial conversations about facial hair. Maybe, you will begin to sway them in the right direction.

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