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What Kind of Wrinkles Do You Have And What’s Causing Them?

Taking cares of aging skin can be complicated. One of the many challenges of fighting unwanted fine lines is identifying the different kinds of wrinkles on your face.

Forehead Lines

Forehead lines are one of the most noticeable kinds of wrinkles on your face. You may be wondering, what causes you to have forehead wrinkles? Their nickname should help you to get an idea. These Eyebrow Raisers are caused by constantly raising your eyebrows. They appear due to the constant contraction of your frontalis muscle. To get rid of these wrinkles, using Botox or peptide serums is recommended.

Forehead Furrow

The Forehead Furrow is the aging line situated in the vertical crease between your eyebrows. Usually known as frown lines, these kinds of wrinkles usually occur due to repetitive frowning and squinting. Most men dislike this kind of aging line, particularly because it can make men look angry. To fix these lines, it is recommended that you meet with a dermatologist to smooth them out to try microdermabrasion.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are found next to the corner of your eyes. They get their name due to the looking similarity of actual crow’s feet. They are usually caused by excessive squinting. To prevent these vicious lines from occurring, it is important that you stop squinting, avoid too much sun, and treat your skin with the proper eye creams. Doing these things can also help to slow down the skin aging process.

Under-Eye Bags

One of the most common kind of wrinkles are under-eye bags. At first, these bags usually come and go due to lack of sleep and hangovers. Eventually, these bags can become permanent, usually caused by aging. To remove these bags, first you want to start getting enough sleep and being cautious about how much alcohol you drink. Cutting down your caffeine intake can also help to prevent them from occurring or getting worse. Finally, using our C-strand Citrus Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Cream can help to diminish not only under-eye bags, but any kind of wrinkle as well. This cream harnesses stem cells from the orange plant. It helps to improve your skin’s complexion as well as its elasticity. If you don’t want under-eye bags anymore, then it is time that you purchase your very own Gentleman’s Foundry C-strand Citrus Stem Cell Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Bunny Lines

Bunny lines are wrinkles that you have probably never heard of before. They can be found on the sides of your nose. Usually, they form due to crinkling your nose, especially when laughing. To prevent these from occurring, it is best that you stop crinkling or wiggling your nose.

Laughing Lines

Wrinkles that are usually found around the mouth are called laughing lines. As you can tell by the name, they are usually caused by laughing and smiling excessively. Usually, if you have facial hair, they are not too obvious to see. Most men choose to leave these lines alone because Botox in the area can actually cause you not to smile anymore. No treatment is worth giving up your smile.

Marionette Lines

Surely, you haven’t heard of these lines before, but they are actually very common. These lines get their name due to the similarities of a puppet. They start at the corners of your mouth and run down, making you look like you’re frowning. These lines are caused by low production of collagen, which is the reason why your skin starts to droop.

Peau d’Orange: Chin Wrinkles

This may seem like a shocker, but yes, your chin can get wrinkles. Usually, these lines are very subtle, making it almost unnecessary to get Botox. To improve your chin’s skin complexion, you should make sure that your skin is hydrated. You should also start moisturizing because it helps to smooth out those aging lines.

Now that you’ve learned the names and causes of the different kinds of wrinkles, it should help you to determine which one you should be concerned about the most and how to deal with it.

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