Men’s Hair Grooming Mistakes That Cause Acne

Men’s Hair Grooming Mistakes That Cause Acne

If you’re like most guys, you probably view skincare and hair care as mutually exclusive categories. When you experience a breakout, you reassess your skincare regimen; not your hair products. However, they’re more closely related than you think. Maintaining great skin isn’t only about finding the right face wash for men. There are tons of hair care missteps that could be causing your acne. It’s crucial to understand these men’s grooming mistakes so you can keep your face and hair as healthy as possible.

Check Your Man Fringe

Some of the most popular men’s haircuts of the last year have included bangs or tousled hairstyles that hang over your forehead. While the style makes for great photos and keeps you on trend, the natural oil from your hair can irritate your skin. To avoid breakouts, try pinning back your hair in your downtime. And make sure you cleanse thoroughly twice a day with a daily face wash for men.

Should I buy Beard Shampoo or Beard ConditionerAvoid Super Shampoos

2-in-1 shampoos can seem like a Godsend on the surface. A combined shampoo and conditioner product eliminates a step in washing your hair and clears up some shower shelf space. But these products are heavy and hang around in your hair long after you think you’ve washed them out. The lingering product seeps down into your pores and causes acne. Stick to separate shampoos and conditioners for the best effects, like a Tea Tree & Peppermint Shampoo Soap. Much like it on your beard, it soothes the skin, softens the hair and doesn’t leave behind any excess oil or residue.

men's hair products acneToo Many Products on Your Skin

If you’re obsessive about having the perfect hair, odds are you’re using a multitude of products up there to maintain your favorite style. The good news is your hair probably looks incredible. The bad news is, because of this the most common of grooming mistakes, so your skin doesn’t. It’s inevitable that all those products (gel, sprays, etc.) seep into your skin, making breakouts more likely. If you’re set on your hair routine and unwilling to change, be sure to use a men’s exfoliating scrub a few times a week. Exfoliating washes provide your skin with a deep clean that removes all the dirt and product your regular face wash can’t.

2-in-1 shampoo men good or bad skinChange Your Wash Routine

Sometimes, washing your hair can be the most laborious part of your shower. Because of this, a lot of guys save it for last. It seems like a logical choice, but it’s one of the huge grooming mistakes that’s ruining your skin. When you wash your hair last, you neglect to wash the hair product off your skin before toweling off. Instead, wash your hair first. This way, you’ll be guaranteed to get all that harmful product off your face before getting out of the shower.

Also, try washing your hair at night. When you sleep, there’s no telling what your hair will do. Throughout the night, it undoubtedly comes in contact with your face. If your hair is dirty from the day’s activity, that grime is rubbing all over your skin during your slumber. To avoid waking up with fresh acne, hop in the shower before bed.

And this goes without saying, but make sure you shower after workouts. Sweat doesn’t just clog your face’s pores; it also clogs the pores along your hairline. If you don’t at least rinse after your workout, you run the risk of causing even more acne.

Skincare and hair care work in tandem. If you want to succeed at one, you have to master the other. Careless men’s grooming mistakes up top can lead to some precarious situations on your skin. Get both of your routines in order and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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