Mens Skin Care Trends for 2017

Top Skin Care Trends for 2017

Now, more than ever, men are concerned with their appearance. There has never been a better time to look your best. This is evidenced by the $40 billion menswear industry. The grooming industry surpasses that revenue with a global profit of more than $104 billion. As with any other successful business, there are loads of popular products and there are rotating trends. When it comes to 2017, the changing mens skin care landscape is no different. New trends and must-have items are emerging. Instead of scouring hundreds of websites or consulting the sales associate at your nearest Sephora, hone in on these 5 mens skin care trends. Your skin will thank you later.

You’ve Got to Shrink Those Pores!

For a long time, women were the only ones concerned with the size of their pores. When your pores are smaller and tighter, your skin looks more vibrant. It’s clearer and more youthful. Small pores give the appearance of amazing skin, even if it’s actually flawed. Our female counterparts have known this secret for years. This year, men are paying closer attention. A men’s pore minimizer is formulated to refine your skin’s texture. It removes blackheads and other skin issues that contribute to enlarged pores. 2017 is all about shrinking those pores to achieve perfect skin, and we recommend a french clay soap for men.

Embrace The Power of Peptides

For years, Botox has been the go-to treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. It prevents wrinkles by telling your facial muscles’ nerves not to contract. This lack of movement stops the creation of more wrinkles. However, it also decreases your ability to emote. Men’s peptide serum is a more affordable alternative that doesn’t require a doctor. It works just as well as Botox in the privacy of your home. Men’s peptide serum mobilizes your cells to fight deep wrinkles. It also inhibits muscle contraction like Botox but without any of the risk. Instead of a Botox alternative, think of it as the ultimate anti wrinkle serum for men.

Mens Barbershop Shave LuxuryA Better Shave

The barbershop experience has been a valued tradition among men for ages. The classic shop visit, complete with a straight edge razor shave and hot towel treatment, has made a comeback in recent years. However, as with every aspect of our lives, it’s becoming common place to treat yourself well at home. Instead of using cheap drugstore shaving cream, lathering up with a tea tree & peppermint shave soap provides you with a refreshing scent while also soothing your skin. Also, the days of splashing your face with an alcohol-based aftershave are long gone. Moisturizing aftershave works to hydrate your skin and prevent irritation, bumps and razor burn.

Is the Next Mens Skin Care Trend Make-Up?

That’s right. There’s an entire line of make-up products on the market for men. The most popular product is concealer. Concealer isn’t as pronounced as guy liner. You could easily pull it off without anyone noticing. It’s not an everyday product. It’s more of a last resort. For those days when you have dark circles under your eyes from a long night or a fresh pimple that’s the size of small planet, concealer helps cover it up. It’s a way to smooth out your skin and erase imperfections. Don’t worry about what other people think. It’s so subtle that it’ll remain your little secret.

The biggest mens skin care trends of 2017 indicate that men are no longer scraping the surface of skin care. They’re fully engrossed and diving deeper than ever before.

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