Natural Curly Beard Straightener

How Do I Naturally Straighten My Beard?

Curly hair has its advantages. It lends itself to stylish haircuts like the wavy fringe and the curly undercut. Also, it makes you easy to spot in a crowd. But when it’s a curly beard, the list of benefits starts to run short. Unlike your hair up top, your beard hair is coarse, which means it’s harder to style, and it turns into a matted mess when it isn’t cared for properly. Forget bad hair days. Say hello to bad beard days—but not for long if you follow these beard straightener tips.

Why Do I Have a Curly Beard?

Your curly beard isn’t the result of a genetic curse. It’s due to your asymmetrical follicles. Perfectly symmetrical follicles produce straight hair while yours sprout curly hair. Your typical hair shaft is shaped like an oval, and the longer the hair grows, the curlier it gets. In some instances, perfect follicles can still produce curly hair if keratin isn’t distributed evenly throughout the hair shaft.

Can I Straighten My Beard?

The obvious fix for a messy, curly beard is to straighten it. But if you scan Amazon for a beard straightener, you might be disappointed. Some guys have turned to hair straighteners, which are favored by the fairer sex and used on much longer hair. This method can work, but you run the risk of frying your hair and burning your chin. There’s also the chemical option, which is akin to getting a perm. Some hair professionals might take on the challenge, but this is not a DIY project. Plus, the skin on your face is delicate, and the chemicals that straighten hair could do some serious damage. It’s best to keep things natural.

What’s A Good Natural Beard Straightener?

Beard oil works wonders as a natural beard straightener. Of course, beard oil is part of your daily routine. It keeps your beard hair moisturized, encourages healthy growth, and takes care of the skin underneath. But it can also be a styling agent.

First, wash your beard with a gentle solution, like our tea tree & peppermint beard shampoo. The goal here is to clean your beard hair while preserving its natural oils. After, pat your beard dry with a soft towel. Remember, wet hair, even as coarse as your beard hair, is susceptible to breakage when wet. Be careful.

Once it’s dry, gather your beard oil, a beard comb, and a blow dryer. Your beard should still be a little damp at this point. Work a couple drops of beard oil into your beard, still gently to prevent breakage. Then, comb your beard with the beard comb while simultaneously blow drying your beard hair. This process should only take a few minutes. It ensures the beard oil is spread evenly throughout your beard, and sets it, keeping your beard straight for the rest of the day.

If you aim to have a straight beard all week long, this is a daily process. But it should get easier and quicker as time goes on. Keep in mind that it could be a longer process if your beard is full and long. You may need a beard brush to combat your thickness.

Should I Straighten My Beard?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. Straightening your beard is a style preference. Your beard will stay healthy curly or straight if you keep it clean and moisturized. You can straighten it every day or you can do it occasionally. Just know that, unlike straightening treatments for your normal hair, your beard straightening needs to be refreshed daily. If you’ve got the time, work it into your routine. If not, make it a special occasion thing. But whatever you do, keep it natural.

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