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Gentleman’s Foundry Is Available On Perfect Makeup Mirrors

We all know how important growth is –on both a personal and professional level– so we’re happy to announce that Gentleman’s Foundry is continuing to expand with the help of Perfect Makeup Mirrors, who are now carrying some of our best skin care and beard products for men. 

An introduction to Perfect Makeup Mirrors

Perfect Makeup Mirrors is a Washington company that carries a large selection of luxury natural and scientific skin care products. Originally an offshoot of a much older, larger website, PMM launched in 2015. Originally focusing exclusively on women’s makeup mirrors. “After a year, as things progressed, makeup mirrors only became a bit stifling to management,” owner Arthur Berkell told us. “We realized that besides their makeup, women use mirrors to check out the condition of their skin.”

Once some of the best natural skin care products for women were added, Arthur figured, “why not include skin care for men as well?” He read the tea leaves and looked into popular market trends. PMM then emphasized skin care products for both men and women. Specifically, Perfect Makeup Mirrors has focused on that are mainly natural and incorporate recent scientific breakthroughs. Taking it one step further, he has noted that going forward hair care will become an increasingly important area for the company.

“We’re Thrilled to Have Our Best Skin Care & Beard Products For Men at Perfect Makeup Mirrors”

We think that Gentleman’s Foundry and Perfect Makeup Mirrors are a brilliant match; this is just the start of a valuable relationship. Our men’s skin care, beard oil, & soap lines are almost entirely natural. Thus, they’re the perfect fit for the lineup of brands PMM has curated. After conversing with Mr. Berkell and getting an appreciation of his eye for quality products, we can’t think of a better place to feature Gentleman’s Foundry products.

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