Preface Facial Cleanser & The Artisan Beard Oil: Bergamot-Powered

Bergamot has proven to be a powerful, natural treatment for the skin and hair; with this knowledge, Gentleman’s Foundry has harnessed the fruit to help treat men’s skin and beards. The fruit’s extract plays a key role in both Preface Daily Face Wash For Men and The Artisan Bergamot & Cedar Beard Oil.

While providing a smooth, fresh scent, bergamot is known to kill bacteria in the skin and hair, improving tone and giving the skin and beard a natural shine. This key ingredient also fights irritation on the skin as well as softens beards.

Gentleman’s Foundry understands a man’s need for skin care and grooming products, and respects nature’s strength on that front. Thus, we’ve utilized one of its most powerful creations.

The Artisan Beard Oil & Preface Face Wash For Men Are Bergamot-Powered!