Preventing Beard Irritation From Masks During The COVID 19 Pandemic

Caring For Your Beard Beneath Your Face Mask During The Pandemic

With the ongoing global pandemic, face masks have become the new normal in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19. This can be especially problematic during the dog days of summer, where the added heat and friction can cause beard irritation to the sensitive skin beneath it.

It’s a fact that heat can cause beard irritation, but adding to that a mask constantly rubbing against your facial hair is just plain uncomfortable. Unfortunately, since you can’t ditch the mask, here is a step you can take to ensure your beard doesn’t suffer.

Beard Oil Can Help Prevent Beard Irritation

Beard Oil helps create a natural barrier between the skin and mask that will keep your face comfortable and aid in the fight against irritation.

The problem stems from the fact that your face doesn’t produce the necessary sebum oil that your head does to protect its hair. The introduction of beard oil into your grooming routine is necessary to stave off dry and irritated skin. By introducing the extra moisture to keep your facial hair fresh and hydrated, you decrease the risk of such problems as flaking, itching, and rashes. This is the type of natural protection your skin needs.

When beard oil is applied prior to covering up, the mask is more likely to glide along with your bristles of hair instead of scraping.

Wash Your Beard Immediately

As soon as you’re home safe, it’s important to wash all that sweat off your beard with a gentle beard shampoo, this helps keep your skin clean and pores from re-absorbing sweat and foreign agents.

Take A 15-Minute Mask Break Every 4 Hours

Safety first, but make sure you remove your mask when you’re alone outdoors, in your car, or at home. This will give your beard some room to breathe.
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