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Black Box Skin Care Gift Set For Mens


Gentleman’s Foundry has brought you the ultimate skin care gift set for men.

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Gentleman’s Foundry has brought you the ultimate skin care gift set for men. Our carefully curated Skin Care Black Box covers all bases of your skin care needs; we have brought you something for that everyone from beginners to tenured practitioners can use.

The black box skin care gift set features everything men need to maintain their skin.

Preface Facial Cleanser is your daily face wash. Preface removes dirt and helps keep your skin clean without stripping it. For a tougher clean, you’ve got Reset Microdermabrasion Cream . When used twice per week, Reset sloughs away dead skin and clears your pores of excess oils. Additionally, if the intense clean of Reset is too much for you, it is formulated to be mix with Preface, providing the same deep cleaning with a lighter feel.
We want to relieve an issue which plagues the busy men of the world, so you have Knockout Dark Eye Serum. Knockout is a powerful treatment that will dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. In addition to that, Knockout will also firm the layers of your skin to promote collagen formation and elasticity. Finally, we’ve included the ultimate step, your must-have O/Zero Oil-Free Moisturizer. O/Zero will moisturize and promote elasticity. Our non-greasy hyaluronic acid formula will not clog your newly-cleared pores and holds more than 1000x its weight in water.

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