summer skincare for sensitive skin

Guide To Summer Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Many people have sensitive skin and it is not fun to deal with. Certain stressors, such as pollution, weather, hormonal changes, anxiety, and overuse of skin products can cause your skin to flare up with acne, redness, irritation, dryness, and rashes. The summer season can be hugely problematic. Throughout the year, your skin gets used to cooler weather. Once summer begins, sensitive skin starts to react negatively due to the sudden change. Looking for effective ways to treat sensitive skin? Gentleman’s Foundry is here to help with our summer skincare for sensitive skin.

Short Warm Showers Are Best For Sensitive Skin

Taking long and hot showers can actually do more harm to your sensitive skin than you may realize. The long exposure to heat can cause your skin to become red and dry. To prevent this from occurring, take short warm showers. This will also allow your skin to have some time to breathe.

Pat Yourself Dry After a Shower

After taking a shower, make sure to pat yourself dry with a towel instead of rubbing. Rubbing the fabric on your sensitive skin will cause some pain and discomfort. Being gentle while drying yourself will get the job done and will have your skin feeling great. A little change like this can be a huge benefit for you.

Use Gentle Fragrance-Free Soaps and Face Scrubs

Soaps and scrubs with beads and fragrances can do more harm to your sensitive skin than benefit it. Fragrances and beads can cause a burning sensation from your skin, especially if you use soaps and scrubs excessively. Instead, look for fragrance-free soaps and scrubs that do not contain any beads. This will help you to cleanse your skin and prevent oil production without harming your skin. It is recommended that you wash your face only at night. Washing it more than once can cause your skin to become dry.

Replace perfumes with Essential Oils

Perfumes, just like soaps with fragrances, can cause a burning sensation and redness. Instead of perfume, use essential oils. These oils will help to soften your skin and can even prevent dryness from occurring. Not only will it benefit your sensitive skin, but it will also leave a natural refreshing scent. There are many different scented essential oils to choose from, so you will not be limited.

Watch What your Skin Reacts to

Certain foods and products can cause your skin to break out, causing annoying acne to occur. Unfortunately, in order to find out what foods skincare products affect your skin, you have to watch what you eat or what you put on very carefully. Once you find out what is causing your skin to break out, stop eating it or using it. Afterward, use a mild cleanser and then treat the acne with salicylic acid. This will help you to unclog pores with out the irritation that benzoyl peroxide can cause. Finally, make sure to moisturize your face with a moisturizer that contains SPF. It is summer, so SPF is required to protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

Talk to Your Doctor

If your skin is feeling really painful or irritated then it is time to see your doctor. Talking to a professional will help you to understand why exactly your skin is so sensitive or why you may be in so much pain. Sensitive skin can usually be treated at home, but if there is no improvement, then a visit to your dermatologist is highly recommended. Even if your skin isn’t bothering you but you want to get more information on your condition, visit your doctor. They will be willing to help you understand your condition.
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