Should I Wash My Face With Cold Water or Warm Water?

Should I Wash My Face With Cold or Warm Water?

Warm water is touted as the answer to all your grooming woes. When it comes to shaving, warm water has always been the preferred way to get a clean shave. However, in recent years, news of the benefits of cold water shaving have begun to circulate. What about washing your face? Should you be washing your face with cold water or warm? Could there be a new, groundbreaking realization waiting in the wings that cold water is more beneficial for a good scrub? Washing your face with cold water doesn’t sound pleasant by any means – especially during a winter like this one. But can it have positive effects? Have we been making huge skin care mistakes our entire lives?

Myth Busted: Your Pores Don’t Breathe

Common knowledge exists that our pores open and close based on our actions. We can steam them open in a moist shower, and we can snap them shut with ice cold water. Contrary to what we all believe, our pores don’t work this way. There is one small change though. Steam helps clear out sebum that clogs our pores, which is why they appear smaller and cleaner after a hot shower.

Cold Water or Warm – Extreme Temperatures Have No Benefits

Hot water might feel good on our skin, but if it’s too hot, those good feelings are coming at a cost. High temperatures strip our skin of its natural oil. So, though you might feel refreshed, you could be leaving your skin at risk. Likewise, really cold water should be avoided too. It won’t harm your skin like hot water, but it doesn’t serve any purpose. It’ll make you feel really uncomfortable for no reason at all. It’s best to avoid it. If you want to wash your face with cold water just for fun, have at it. But know upfront that it isn’t helping your skin.

Warm Water Is Still Your Friend

The information we’ve grown up with is right. Warm water is still the best alternative for cleansing our faces. Warm water helps minimize irritation, prevent excessive dryness and it even stops blood vessel ruptures. Who knew? Even lukewarm water can have the same benefits. But there’s no need to go icy cold or scalding hot.

Use The Right Cleanser

Warm water is great for your skin but not on its own. You need a gentle face wash for men to make sure you’re ridding your face of dirt without stripping the natural oils. French clay soap for men works as a quadruple threat when it comes to cleansing. With warm water in tow, the soap detoxifies, gently exfoliates, clarifies your skin and heals it. There’s no better way to cleanse.

Face Scrub For Men Try a Cool Rinse When You’re Done

Before you apply your men’s moisturizer, try a cool rinse. It mainly works as a refreshing end to your cleansing session. But it also works as an unofficial double check system. You can ensure all the product is off your face before you start repairing and moisturizing your skin.

Take Your Time, Don’t Overdo It.

Though different guys have varying skin sensitivity, it’s still important to treat your face with care while applying products. You should take at least two minutes to clean thoroughly. You might hate skincare, but for it be effective, you need to do it correctly (and completely). Also, don’t feel like you have to put a lot of muscle into scrubbing your face clean. You’re not lifting weights; you’re cleaning your face. Cleaning too aggressively can cause micro tears that lead to irritation.

The final verdict? Is it cold water or warm?  Lukewarm or warm water is the best way to go when washing your face. There’s more to your routine than water temperature, but you need to ensure the water is just right for best results.

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