Shower mistakes men make

Mistakes Men Make In The Shower

Showering seems like an easy thing to do. You jump in, lather up, and in 10 minutes, you’re all set. Considering you’ve probably done this for at least two decades, you consider yourself an expert. But don’t rest on your soapy laurels. Though syou might feel and smell clean after rinsing off, a lot can go wrong in those 10 minutes. Make sure you aren’t making any of these shower mistakes men make.

Too Hot! The Most Common Mistakes Men Make in The Shower

Cold shower, anyone? Well, maybe a cold shower is a bit extreme. But if you’re taking scalding hot showers, you’re doing more harm than good. Your skin is home to a mixture of bacteria and moisture. Those hot showers strip your skin’s top layer of both. The result? Redness, itching, peeling and nasty inflammation. If you suffer from dry skin, you might be able to skip all those aggressive skin care tips. Instead, just adjust the water temperature to lukewarm.

Stop Scrubbing Your Face So Hard, Guys

One of the most common mistakes men make is that most guys are heavy-handed. You can bench press hundreds of pounds, so scrubbing away the dirt on your face should be no problem. But washing your face shouldn’t be an exercise in force or strength. When it comes to your skin, it’s okay to exhibit some finesse. Instead of hacking away grime and dead skin cells with generic scrubs, opt for a natural face scrub for men. Particle + Exfoliating Face Scrub For Men cleans, smooths, and hydrates your skin with gentle application and no irritation.

That Man-Scented Body Wash is No Good

Using bar soap in the shower probably seems old-fashioned. Body wash is the modern way but it’s also one of the biggest shower mistakes men make. A lot of body washes are filled with harmful ingredients that strip your skin of moisture without replacing it. As an alternative, try an exfoliating soap bar. Our Particle + Exfoliating Oatmeal Soap For Men doesn’t just slough off dead skin cells. It captures moisture to keep your skin hydrated.

Your Face Wash Shouldn’t Be Able To Strip Paint

Guys tend to opt for the strongest cleansers on the market. You probably don’t think about your skin type or the ingredient list on the label when you buy a face wash. However, you should start paying attention. Similar to the way body wash or a rough scrub can dry out your skin, your face wash can do the same thing. This is shocking because your face wash should be designed to avoid this very thing, not cause it. The solution? Buy a face wash for men crafted from natural ingredients. Your wash should be gentle on your skin and soothing to protect the existing moisture.

You’re Forgetting to Moisturize

Every guy has experienced this. You’ve just finished a long shower. You feel relaxed but the bathroom is warm. So much so your face is a little sweaty. It might seem like this momentary moisture is enough but don’t be fooled. You need a great moisturizer for men after you’ve showered. You’ve just cleansed your face and you need to replace the moisture you’ve washed away. Your bathroom will cool in a few minutes, and your face will dry out. You need a product working in your favor once these temporary conditions are gone. Moisturizer for men helps protect your skin against different environmental elements during the day, and aids the repair process while you sleep.

When it comes to skin care tips, a lot of the action happens in the shower. You can cause yourself serious harm with just a few common shower mistakes. Make a few adjustments and you’ll save your skin without sacrificing the quality of your bathroom time.

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