A Guide to Skin Care for Dark Skin

Skin care for dark skin is a bit more involved than the average guy’s routine. It isn’t just cleanse, moisturize, repeat. Men of color are genetically predisposed to a host of issues unique to them. Though it might initially sound like a hassle, a few extra (and simple) steps can help you maintain a clear complexion.

Ingrown Hairs

The biggest thorn in your side probably relates to ingrown hairs. If you’ve had them before, you know they’re painful, unsightly, and hard to get rid of. If you haven’t had them yet, do everything in your power to keep them at bay. When it comes to dark skin care, ingrown hairs are the most formidable problem. Your facial hair is to blame. Even though beard hair is thick and coarse, men of color often have curlier hair. These curly strands of hair are more likely to curl into the skin as they grow in, causing painful razor bumps. The key to preventing them is exfoliation. A face scrub for men can keep your pores clear and eliminate conditions that exacerbate razor bumps. Also, pay close attention to your shaving frequency and the sharpness of your razor. You may need to switch out your blade every few days and reduce the number of times you’re shaving each week.

Hyperpigmentation on Dark Skin

Hyperpigmentation is another issue for men of color. Have you noticed a dark spot that lingers for days or even weeks after you’ve had a pimple? Or maybe you’ve noticed a dark line or spot that develops once a cut or scrape heals? Your skin scars easily, and several spots of this hyperpigmentation can cause an uneven complexion. You can always invest in a powerful spot treatment to kill the zits when they pop up. But prevention is your best bet. Use a gentle toner twice daily to clean away the dirt and oil your cleanser may have missed. Additionally, a great toner can strengthen and hydrate your skin.

Dry Skin

Dark skin care is all about moisture. Your skin craves it and needs more than men with lighter skin tones. When your skin isn’t hydrated, it takes on an ashy or chalky appearance. Allowing this to continue long-term can lead to dull skin as well as damage. You should use a moisturizer for men twice daily without question. The right products can help boost your skin’s natural oil and keep your skin dewy and refreshed.

Sun Damage

Yes, you need to protect your skin from the sun, too. There’s a common misconception among men of color that your skin’s natural melanin will help protect you from sun damage. While you might have more coverage than someone with fairer skin, you’re not immune. Unprotected sun exposure can still speed up the effects of aging on your skin. Additionally, you still run the risk of developing skin cancer and skin discoloration. If you’re planning to have some fun in the sun, make sure you layer on the sunscreen.

skin care for dark skinTreatments that Damage the Skin

Sometimes, when you enlist the help of a professional, you can end up in worse shape than when you walked in. If abrasive treatments like Botox, microdermabrasion, or laser surgery are performed incorrectly, they can damage your skin. Even using a facial cleansing brush too aggressively or too often can cause problems. Exfoliation is probably the strongest treatment you should use on your skin to avoid any care-induced issues.

Men of color are at risk for more skin issues than the average guy, but don’t fret. With the right products in your medicine cabinet, you can maintain clear skin at all times.

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