Spring Beard Care Tips

The spring season is finally upon us! What better way to begin this spring break than to go to the beach and relax. If you are the guy with a spring beard, then you know how complicated it can be to maintain. Trying to remove those pesky grains of sand from your facial hair. Fortunately, you can achieve the best spring beard and avoid those annoying grains of sand. Here are some beard grooming tips to help you enjoy this year’s spring break season.


After the winter season has come to an end, your skin is more perceptible to dry skin due to cold. This means that you’ll most likely have beard dandruff due to the dry and flaking skin. In order to get rid of this annoying dandruff, you need to use an exfoliator that will guarantee the removal of dry skin.

A face scrub is always a reliable exfoliator that will definitely give your skin a wonderful glow. It will clean and soften your skin, along with clearing your congested pores. When using exfoliators, it is recommended to use cold water or to take cold showers to help maintain your natural oils that will help prevent dry and flaky skin. This will allow you to achieve the perfect spring break skin and beard.

Deodorize Your Spring Beard

Beard shampoo can do many wonders for your beard. It can help stop oily skin and completely prevent smelly beard odors. When the temperature becomes warmer, your sebum production increases, creating oily skin and beard odor. Although the spring season can allow this to occur, it can surely be prevented with The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Shampoo Soap. It will allow your beard to have a nice yet refreshing smell and will help to abolish uncomfortable oily skin.

Use Beard Oil

Beard Oil is not only a beneficial way to add a nice light scent to your beard, but it can also help to moisturize your beard. Due to warmer weather, it is best to cut back on how much beard oil you use. You can use beard oil whenever you feel it is necessary too, particularly for frizz and definition.

Our popular beard oil The Alchemist: Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil and The Composer: Lavender & Eucalyptus Beard Oil, will guarantee that your beard will be as smooth as ever. Along with this smoothness, your beard will have a cooling peppermint or eucalyptus scent that will have you feeling exhilarated. They accomplish all of our promises in just a small bottle. They will undeniably help you to achieve your desired spring beard.

Brush and Comb Your Facial Hair

Brushing and combing your hair will help to spread the nutrients your beard needs for hair growth. It can also help to evenly administer oils, such as beard oil or natural skin oils, all over your beard. This will help prevent your beard from looking greasy and oily. Brushing or Combing your facial hair will also help to remove any tangles that may occur due to your length of beard or moustache.

Avoiding Beach Beard

The worst thing about having a beard in the spring is when you go to the beach. Your beard is dry and is infested with sand. Due to salt, the ocean water can cause your beard to become uncomfortably dry, making it bothersome to continue your day at the beach. Gentleman’s Foundry can help provide the best beach beard care tips for your beard.

First, after being in the ocean water, you must rinse your beard to remove sand and prevent yourself from getting a dry beard. The salt from the ocean water can tremendously dry your beard, so it is best to wash it out as quickly as you can. Afterward, you can use your fingers or a beard comb to fluff up your beard which will help prevent knots and allow you to look decent. Once you return home, take a nice shower and use beard shampoo to wash out any possible remaining salt and dry skin. Once you are done, use one of our specialty beard oils to help moisturize your beard.

These beard grooming tips will help you to achieve your perfect spring beard. Not only can you enjoy your spring break at the beach, but you can also look good doing it. It’s important that you take care of your beard this warm season. You want to keep your beard looking healthy and presentable, and these tips will surely do just the thing.

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