"When Should I Start Using Beard Oil?

“When Should I Start Using Beard Oil?”

When you first started growing your beard, beard grooming was a distant thought. That first bit of stubble settled in and you thought to yourself, “This is easy”. But after a few weeks of early beard growth, you noticed some…changes. Your face started itching like it was covered in bug bites. Your beard hair, which is already coarse, started to feel like a Brillo pad. You may have even noticed white flakes materializing—otherwise known as beardruff. If this sounds familiar, we sympathize with you. However, this uncomfortable part of your journey could have been prevented. If you want the rest of your beard growing experience to be enjoyable, it’s time to start using beard oil.

What Is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is a unique concoction of natural ingredients combined to provide your beard hair with ultimate moisture and growth support. You’ll find an essential oil, like Moroccan oil or jojoba oil, mixed with scent enhancers like tea tree & peppermint or vanilla & sandalwood.

Why Do I Need Beard Oil?

In short, you need beard oil because your face can’t keep your beard moisturized on its own. You have sebaceous glands all over your body. They produce sebum oil, your body’s personal brand of moisturizing oil. However, these glands produce a finite amount of sebum oil. So, as you start to see significant beard growth, the amount of sebum oil produced for it stays the same. This is why you start noticing things like itchy beard, beardruff or that brittle feeling.

Beard oil works as a partner-in-crime for your sebaceous glands. It goes deep to make sure every follicle is moisturized evenly. As a result, you can cancel out any irritation or discomfort.


When Should I Start Using Beard Oil?

Many sources will direct you to start using beard oil the minute you notice some stubble. But don’t get carried away. At the stubble stage, your sebaceous glands are still more than capable of handling business. Using beard oil at this point is like doubling up on moisturizer. It won’t hurt you but it’ll make your face look greasy.

Anywhere between 2-5 weeks of beard growth is a great place to start using beard oil. Depending on how fast your hair grows, this is the window in which you start to see a fuller beard show up. You’ll start to notice the itchy feeling, and you’ll see a considerable difference. Once you’re here, a dime-sized amount of beard oil in the morning is enough to keep things under control for 24 hours. From this point forward, it should be part of your daily routine. As your beard gets fuller, you may need to adjust your application amount.

Other Beard Oil Benefits

Aside from providing incredible moisture, beard oil has several other benefits. Instead of a Brillo pad, it makes your hair feel like a hotel pillow. In other words, it keeps your beard hair soft. Thanks to options like jojoba beard oil, your beard will smell fresh and masculine all day long. And beard oil helps you untangle any knots that develop with longer hair. Lastly, you can rest assured your skin underneath will be just as soft and cared for.

If you’re like most guys, you’d prefer a world in which you could grow a beard without adding any additional products to your morning routine. But a dab of beard oil won’t set you back too much financially or take up too much of your time. It’s either this or walking around with little white flakes dangling from your chin. Our guess is you prefer the first option.

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