How to Prevent A Beard Rash

Dealing with Beard Rash

When you started growing a beard, you said goodbye to your morning shave routine. No more razors, shaving cream, nicks, scratches, or any of the other complications that come with maintaining a clean-shaven face. But you’re not off the hook. Odds are, you’ll experience beard rash at least once. Beard rash is the irritation you experience when friction occurs between your skin and new stubble. Also referred to as barber’s itch, beard rash can be painful and cause redness. Depending on how curly your facial hair is, it can even become pseudofolliculitis barbae, or PFB, a more severe irritation that resembles acne. The discomfort is enough to make you reach for the nearest razor, but don’t freak out. Your beard is permanent; beard rash is not.

Beard Rash is Caused by Dry Skin

Men with dry skin are more likely to experience beard rash. So, a regular moisturizing routine can help you avoid it altogether. But, a little moisture can also help soothe and end your rash if you’ve already got it. Moisturized skin is healthier—it promotes regular cell turnover, which helps you get rid of irritated skin faster. A gentle moisturizer, applied twice daily, should do the trick.

If your rash is more severe, you should search out a lotion that contains colloidal oatmeal. This ingredient stops both itching and pain, and it’s a common remedy for people with ongoing skin conditions like eczema.


Reevaluate Your Cleanliness

The difference between beard rash and rash relief could be as simple as washing your face. Despite the rapid growth of the men’s grooming industry, a lot of men still haven’t taken to skin care. However, skipping a cleansing session leaves your face, and beard, full of dirt and bacteria, which further irritates the skin and leaves it ripe for a rash. Keeping your beard clean keeps it healthy. In other words, don’t forget to wash your beard. And a special note—while you have the rash, don’t scrub over this area. Be gentle, or you could make it worse.


Invest in a Tea Tree Beard Oil

Though all beard oils aid in moisturizing your beard and promoting healthy growth, a tea tree beard oil stands out in this instance for its other beneficial properties. Tea tree oil has been used to treat several conditions like moderate acne, fungal infections, athlete’s foot, cold sores, psoriasis, and even bad breath, all of which rank higher on the severity scale. Regarding your beard rash, tea tree beard oil is effective at reducing the risk of further infection, soothing your discomfort, and healing the affected areas faster. In this instance, beard oil isn’t just an aid for a good-looking beard. Think of it as your personal beard doctor.

Other Remedies

If you’re in real pain, you can try a few additional remedies that work in conjunction with the other solutions on this list. A warm compress, which is a wash cloth soaked in hot water, can work wonders for your beard rash. When applied to the skin, it opens your pores and pulls out any blockage in your follicles. You can also pick up an over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment. These creams are designed to stop itching and reduce inflammation. You can use them anywhere from one to four times each day. Also, look for any lotions that contain aloe as a main ingredient. Surely, you’ve seen people with sunburns lather up with aloe. There’s a reason—it significantly eases pain and promotes faster healing.

There’s no question—beard rash is one of the most uncomfortable skin conditions you can experience. But with these solutions in place, you can get rid of it once and for all.

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