Summer Beard Growth - Why Your Beard Grows Faster in the Summer

The Secret To Summer Beard Growth

Have you ever wondered whether or not the seasons have any effect on your hair’s growth? What if we told you it does? In the summer beard growth has been proven to be faster than any other time in the year. If you are looking to grow a beard, then now is the perfect time to do it.

Why Is Summer Beard Growth More Rapid?

You may not know this, but androgens, specifically testosterone, play a part in beard growth. The more testosterone you produce, the faster your beard grows. The amount of testosterone you produce varies on what you eat, how much you exercise, genetics, and your sex life. According to researchers from the Centre of Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, the summer season can also boost your testosterone level. Demonstrated in their research, summer beard growth increases immensely, specifically in July and is slowest in the winter.

If you are looking to have the most epic beard this winter, then make sure to start growing your beard now. Having the perfect full beard takes time so make sure to start growing it during the best time of the year. Make sure to take care of your beard the correct way, especially during the summer season. Purchase the perfect beard oil for your beard from Gentleman’s Foundry, we recommend The Alchemist Tea Tree & Peppermint Beard Oil for its light feel and cooling effect.  Not only will it help to soften your facial hair, but it can also help your beard to grow faster and will prevent sun damage. Stay away from using normal shampoo to wash your beard, but instead use beard shampoo soap. Finally, don’t blow dry your beard; letting it dry naturally will help to prevent dandruff and split ends from occurring.
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